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From the July 1894 issue of The Christian Science Journal

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The harvest truly is plenteous but the labourers are few. Matt. ix. 37.

Jesus said, "As ye go, preach. . . . Heal the sick, etc." Are we faithfully fulfilling the Master's commands? Are we making use of the talents he has given us?

Now preaching does not necessarily mean a call to a pulpit to deliver a scientific oration, but is the work we are doing hourly amongst those we meet, whether in business or social life. Some may say, "I don't have any opportunity to speak about Christian Science." Now I know better; as a business man, I know, that in business as well as in social life, almost every day we have opportunities of speaking for Truth.

The first man I spoke to about Christian Science,—bearing testimony to its healing power, and that with God all things are possible,—with wife and family are now working Scientists.

On railway trains, in offices, on board, ship, on the Atlantic and on the Pacific, at hotels, in workshops, all sorts of places I have found opportunities to speak of Christian Science and of its healing power.

Crossing the boundless prairies of the west, in a railway train, I had a gentleman to whom I had been talking come to me and say—"Tell me all about that again." And as I have told of the glorious work being done through the knowledge of Christian Science, the hearts of many have warmed, and many have asked me for the address of a true Scientist in their own vicinity, and when at parting with a pressure of the hand would say, "I'm so glad that I met you."

Never have I been rudely treated in speaking to others on the subject,—a few times it has been received coldly; but nevertheless I would drop the seed knowing that it would bear its own fruit in due season.

As individual Christian Scientists we may not all be heads of associations, or pastors, or teachers; but we may all be missionaries, every one of us. True Scientists cannot sit inactive and excuse themselves, by saying that they have no opportunity; if they do, the one talent they have buried will be taken from them. We all know how the Master viewed those who are neither hot nor cold.

We all have opportunities for work. Among our own circle of friends, our neighbors, those with whom we come in contact in our work or business, we can speak of the Truth, and above all strive to live it.

Let not suggested thought come in that we have not yet sufficient understanding. If we use what we have, we will find our one talent becomes two. Remember the promise, that we are not required to take thought what we shall say, for it shall be supplied us in the self-same hour.

Let us not forget the fig tree; to material sense it looked bright, as a living tree should, but when the Master looked for fruit, and found none, it withered away. ''By their fruits ye shall know them." Then let us prune and trim the thoughts going forth from us that this may be an anniversary year in Science. Let each who is in the liberty of Truth speak to our companions and associates, bring them into our meeting. Let it be a year of work, of energy, of unity, of Love, and before another year such a harvest we shall have, that victory will be ours.

All contributions for the Church Building Fund should be sent to Stephen A. Chase, treasurer, Box 136, Fall River, Mass.

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