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Spiritual Short

It couldn't be more perfect

From the January 2013 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The bird of paradise bush in front of my home was blooming with the most incredible flowers, and I just had to stop and admire them. As I was looking closely at one of the flowers, I was thinking that it couldn’t be more perfect.

I have always had an appreciation of nature. I can’t help but see the beauty reflected in the plants and trees that surround me, even in the big city of Los Angeles, where I work. Since I’m in a visually creative business, I often am amazed at the stunning natural compositions that nature makes so effortlessly. I’ve studied for years how to create visuals that approximate the genius I see in a flower or a grouping of branches in a tree. 

I remember as a child thinking that God must be providing me with beautiful things to look at just because of God’s love for me. I couldn’t think of any other reason, and I still can’t. 

But this day was different. Looking at the bird of paradise bush, I realized that I was also created for the same reason. What a shock that was! I’ve been so accustomed to being seen as less than perfect all my life that it never occurred to me that I have the same spiritual origin as that perfect blossom, the expression of divine Love. Wow! I began to realize that I had bought into a bunch of false and depressing beliefs about myself, which I thought were normal.

Since this realization, what is becoming normal to me now is that the idea, “it couldn’t be more perfect,” should be applied not only to the nature I see around me, but to all of the creatures as well, and all mankind—including myself. I am also beginning to grasp the truth that the love that God expresses in all of us is effortless. 

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