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From the August 1889 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"I have never studied, because my belief of deafness has increased under Christian Science, and I have to be written to now almost entirely,—though my health has been marvellously improved. For thirty years I had been a wretched sufferer,— dyspepsia, rheumatism, spinal irritation, with many other ills, accompanied by constant sick and nervous headaches,— these excruciating headaches were enough in themselves. I was depressed and irritable, and became extremely nervous; was just going to the Nervine in Boston, when I heard from a beloved and earnestly devout sister, who had been also an invalid in deep sorrow, to wait and try with her Christian Science,—"it was God's own truth for us now." I waited and from the first treatment there was an uplifting of hope, and at once I was much better. My case has been slow, but always progress— from the first morning I took coffee, and ate just what the family had, and have never known an attack of dyspepsia. I had never slept refreshing sleep, and passed night after night wide awake, though in prayer most of the time. I slept from the first week under Christian Science, and never give the night a thought. I always loved my Saviour, and lived in him yet was always falling down and spent many nights in bitter woe over my failure to growing his likeness. With Divine Science peace has come, and one ill after another has given place to health, and nothing could turn me back. I ask God to bless our Teacher to whom lie first revealed the light of Science.

While coming on slowly to the Light, I have been enabled to sow a little seed by the way, some of which the dear Lord has already blessed to healing of the body, and advancement in the Christ Life.

No joy has ever compared—nor have all the joys of life compared —to that of knowing God has accepted us as His Messengers

For one instance,—clippings from a paper were sent with a letter months afterward came word that from the day of receiving the letter, healing had commenced, and arms long unused and seemingly dead, with stopped muscles, relaxed, and so much so that the patient could write and feed herself.

The other day I took the sister, who is a Christian Scientist, to talk with a dear, colored washerwoman I have visited, to talk with her, and I sat beside them. Oh, what a picture,—the dear and beautiful sister's face glowing with joy, as she saw unmistakable evidence that the Light was there, and the modest but earnest soul telling of how she had "pondered" on my words, and how the Lord had awaked her, and how she knew Divine Science was only the light of Christ. Words are poor indeed to tell of the joy that came to me there and then. One almost saw the mark glistening on the forehead of the African disciple. So God "brings forth the increase."

It will be two years in July since W. S. F. first came to our town and brought the glad tidings of this blessed Truth, Christian Science. Although we have had many trials and lost many of our former friends, we have never regretted for one moment having taken a higher step in Christianity, for we know that we have found a friend in Truth which will never leave nor forsake us.

My father, mother, and myself had been members of an Evangelical church for over twenty years and have been looked to as leaders in the church. As soon as our minister found out how strong we were getting in Science, he, in connection with the presiding elder, brought the matter before quarterly Conference. Decision was rendered that we should be notified that we must abstain from the false doctrines and principles of Christian Science, or no longer be considered members of their church. We replied that we desired letters, the same as any other member in good standing and if they declined to give them we demanded a trial; that we would meet them with our Bible and they should prove to us, by the teachings of Christ, that our doctrines were false. They replied that the Bible had nothing to do with church letters, and that it was a matter of courtesy and not of law to give them. To this we answered that nothing less than letters or a trial would satisfy us.

But how could they testify against Truth? So they dismissed us from the church, without giving us a chance to defend our cause and now we can understand what Jesus meant when he said, "They shall put you out of the synagogues, yea, the time cometh that whosoever killeth you will think that lie doeth God a service."

There were seven of us went through a class here taught by A. F. We have a good Sabbath school which is held at our house at half past 2 p. m. The average attendance is from fifteen to twenty. We should have more than twice this number if some did not live so far out in the country, and some are Germans and cannot take part in our exercises. How often have I heard the Germans say, "If we could only get Science and Health in German so that we could learn better the principles of Christian Science." I hope the time is not far distant when Science and Health will be translated in the German language. Then many who are seeking after Truth will be able to find the pearl of great price.

We have had several articles published in our County paper defining Christian Science, and answering many questions that seem to be agitating the minds of the people. Brother A. F. also lectures and gives parlor talks in this place when not too busy with his work elsewhere. A great many cases have also been healed here. More anon.—

Please find enclosed one year's subscription for the Journal to begin with June number.

After five years' sickness I was healed by Christian Science. I was brought up in Ireland, a strict Roman Catholic, and remained in that church thirty-five years when I became a Protestant. After six years I found that there was something lacking somewhere, somehow. I became dissatisfied, critical.

I could discern traits of goodness in individuals in all churches— but the preaching and the praying did not touch me as vital. Protestant worship is, if anything, more formal than ritualism. I finally concluded that religion was a sham, a fraud. In utter despair I determined to end my miserable life and drown myself in Lake Michigan.

Christian Science saved me. Its God-given theology sustains me—that's the point. What no other system of religion can do, Christian Science does,—it enables man to find God "a very present help." And this I say I would prefer sickness with the theology of this Science to health without it. I'm in the work—what a privilege.

Is not the name Mary prophetic? It was a Mary who preached the first and grandest sermon, when she announced on that Easter Sunday morning that He had risen, that Spirit had triumphed over matter. And she was commissioned to do this. So, Mary is the Apostle of this age. And generations yet unborn will rise up and call her blessed. The Bible is not understood spiritually. Science and Health is its key. Surely its pages are inspired. I may never see Mrs. Eddy but I bless her in my heart of hearts.—

Have been a subscriber to your Journal for a year, and treasure each number of it more than any book in my library, except my Bible, and Science and Health. E. is an isolated city of about eight thousand inhabitants, away up on the Northern coast of California, being connected with San Francisco by steamer. So far as we know, my sister and myself are the only Christian Science believers in the city. She has Science and Health, and I the Journal, and we both have our Bibles, and we have both had strong demonstrations of the Truth. We feel that the more we read, the more we need a teacher. And we wonder if some one will not come to our isolated city, and sow the seed of our wonderful, no, not wonderful, but blessed understanding among the people here.

A Word for our Series. The Series are good. The clear and practical way in which they speak is easy for anyone to understand. Even those who teach the current theology, must feel the power of the Word as set forth in these little messengers. We see that the "Word is made flesh and dwells among us" only when man reflects God in body as well as mind. Not the least glimpse of this can be gained from matter, as we who have felt this spiritual warmth in our earthly bodies know. The Series are masterpieces of thought from the clear summit of the mountain top of Truth; their living words cut clear through the claim of a separation between God and His children.—

I cannot begin to tell of the benefit derived from attending our National Association. It by far exceeded any which has been held. It is encouraging indeed, to see the advancement which has been made during the past year. It was evident that those who came did so from Principle, and the predominating thought seemed a desire to rise above personality so as to recognize our Leader in her true being. It was a pleasant sight to look upon such an audience, and realize the harmony which prevailed. The wisdom of the selection of Dr. Foster-Eddy as President of the Association, was apparent to all, as was evident from the many expressions of confidence and good will towards him.

I am sure every one came away feeling that the cause of Science is on a firm footing, and determined to "press forward to the mark of the prize of our high calling." In the next twelve months it is certain a great work will be done. The most potent means for advancing the cause is the circulation of the Christian Science Series and the Journal, and we shall labor to this end.—

Dear Journal,—I sold three copies of Science and Health to friends, not long ago. One of them, fifty years of age, said to me, "I never had one day's sickness in my life, but after reading Science and Health, I found that I was bruised and mangled, from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. I have been reaching after something that before reading Science and Health seemed to me unattainable," and with tears in her eyes she rejoiced in the God of her salvation. Did not Jesus say, If these hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out"?—

I hear of the attack made upon you, but never fear for God is near, and He will keep His own. If we admit the claims of mortal mind into our sanctuary (thought), we must drive them out. If we are foolish enough to remove the bolts and bars, as our pastor recently remarked, they who are always "lying in wait," will surely creep, crawl, or jump in. But thanks be to Him Our weapons are not carnal for they are the sword of the Spirit, which is two-edged and divideth asunder Truth, and the spirit of Truth which is Love, "casteth out every fear." When we can realize this we are powerful. But personal sense is the loudest talker I ever heard, and we must drown its voice or it will overwhelm us. Soul is all that can do this when we can hear the sound of His speech, and naught else, old personal sense will vanish. Why? Because two ideas cannot be seen at the same time. If one fills our thought, the other cannot enter.

Our dear ones are the trap in which we are oftener caught than through ourselves.

If we deny this claim, up pops the serpent, remarking so quietly that his voice is just heard, "I'll see who is biggest," and unless you agree with this adversary quickly and let it know that you see no intelligence in it, you will be caught in the meshes of the net spread around you.

This is the way we get caught—always. We stop to listen We must not do this.—From a Letter sent by a Scientist to a Friend.

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