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About four years ago I entered a Christian Science...

From the February 1902 issue of The Christian Science Journal

About four years ago I entered a Christian Science Church for the first time to attend a Sunday morning service. I had just begun the study of this beautiful religion, and had only a very slight knowledge of it, but knew that it was the whole Truth and I had an earnest desire to learn more of it. I entered the church with a sense of loneliness and shyness, for in the large congregation before me I saw no familiar faces, and I did not even know how a Christian Science service was conducted. I was dressed entirely in black, having lost a very dear relative a short time before, and I could not fail to notice, as I seated myself, how gloomy my apparel seemed amid the pretty colors worn by those around me.

When the service began I forgot myself completely and became intensely interested. While I was listening to the reading of our dear Mother's "Communion Hymn" for the first time, it lifted me completely above my gloom and sorrow. When the second stanza was read, just as I heard the words: "Love wipes your tears all away, and will lift the shade of gloom, and for you make radiant room," a beautiful crimson light came streaming in through a tiny window over the upper gallery, completely transforming my sombre robes into bright and beautiful ones, and illumining the book I held with a crimson glory. As I turned to see where this light came from. I noticed that it touched no one but me, and the thought came to me that it was to teach me that my mourning garments would be changed as promised in our beautiful hymn, by the glorious light; and warmth of divine Love.

This experience has always meant very much to me, and in my darkest hours, when the struggle with error seemed hard, I have always thought of this beautiful promise, for to me it was a promise, showing me how divine Love illumines and beautifies all that it touches, making radiant even the dark garment of grief and woe.

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