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From the July 1899 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Through Christian Science God has bestowed great blessings upon me. I had suffered for many years, and in January, 1896, I went to a surgeon who, after an examination, told me that my only help was an immediate operation. He also told me that I would be able to return to my position in four weeks, I am a teacher in the Chicago high schools. I made my arrangements accordingly, went to his hospital, had the operation; but instead of one month, I had to remain there almost four months, and when I left the hospital, I was an invalid.

The physicians had opened my side, but they were unable to heal it. I suffered on until autumn, when I followed the advice of friends to employ a homœopath. He tried to heal it with electricity, and by December informed me that I would have to undergo another operation, as some disorder had appeared which prevented the healing. I was using my saved money in a very rapid way: and of course worry made things worse. Oh, how anxious I was to be able to work again! Therefore I consented to the second operation, still hoping for the best. I came out of this only to suffer more and become more helpless, for now my eyesight seemed to leave me also. I had worn glasses for many years, but now I could see but very little.

I still endured it, and in April, 1897, my side began to heal, and I became more hopeful. All at once it burst open and I was worse than ever before. The physicians advised the third operation. I had by this time lost all confidence in physicians, and consented to this third operation only hoping that our Lord would take me away this time and make an end. However, I revived—but alas how?—a total wreck, suffering terribly. I now needed a trained nurse all the time, for I was perfectly helpless. But I gladly state that the physician tried his very best. He even had me removed to his private home.

I had always been a member of the Lutheran Church but now began to think that there could not be a God, else He would either help me or let me die. A terrible darkness settled upon me and then, to still add to all this agony, I was, through dishonesty, deprived of a couple of hundred dollars, my last ready cash. This last news almost deprived me of reason. Oh, how true it is. "Man's extremity is God's opportunity!"

Then a friend of mine brought me the wonderful book. Science and Health. The nurse did not like to have me read it, as she, from her standpoint, thought it would make my eyes worse. But I read it, and although I could understand but little of it at first, this little brought such a beautiful, peaceful feeling over me, it was simply divine.

Another friend, who had been very faithful to me in all my trouble, came to me, and I said to her, "This Christian Science may not heal me, for I don't believe there is help for me, but if ever there was religion, this must be it. I now feel there is a God! This is beautiful!"

I asked her to find out for me, whether a Scientist would undertake my case in a physician's house; whether I could receive absent treatment, as the nurse seemed to object to my trying it.

What a loving message the dear Scientist sent me: "Have perfect confidence in the God of Love! Perfect Love casteth out fear!" I clung to those words as a drowning man would to a straw.

The first treatment did not seem to affect me, but the second treatment healed me. The next morning I had a natural passage, the first for almost ten years. What all those physicians failed to accomplish in almost two years, God did, through one treatment of a true Scientist. In five days I discharged the nurse, ate what I wanted,—I had not eaten meat for many months. I walked six blocks to the Scientist for treatment and back again. I felt as if God had given me wings. I could not help singing all day. I was born anew by the God of Love through Christian Science.

This friend, who had been a loving messenger between the Scientist and myself, had her eyesight restored. When she told me of it, I wept. The dear Scientist told me God would restore my eyesight also. I answered her, that God had blessed me so abundantly, that I must not ask for more. She smiled and simply said, "God is sight!" I distinctly felt as if a voice within me repeated those words: "God is sight!" I immediately reached up and took off my glasses and could read without them. I have never put them on since. My eyesight is perfect, which it never was, not even in childhood.

When the schools opened in September, 1897, I returned to my position in less than four weeks from the first treatment, and I have been as well as any teacher in the building. I know I do more and better work than ever before.

Surely God has been a God of Love to me. I was less than nothing when Christian Science came to me. If I may so describe it, I existed in a dark, damp hole. Divine Science lifted the curtain and all at once I was enveloped in radiant sunshine, love, and happiness.

What a blessing Mrs. Eddy has bestowed upon humanity! With all my heart do I try to ascend the narrow path of Truth! I have daily experience in overcoming error and discord. It is clear to me, that we must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, and that no one can do this for us. Each struggle makes us stronger, and when the mists clear away it seems as if one were lifted up into divine happiness and spiritual love. I solemnly strive to work out the problem, that God has placed before me. Often Mrs. Eddy's words help me on:—

Then His unveiled, sweet mercies show
Life's burdens light;
I kiss the cross, and wait to know
A world more bright.

Some time in 1891 my attention was called to Christian Science. I was informed that my brother had been healed by it. I remarked that it was a fad, and was surprised that he, a superintendent of a Baptist Sunday School, should be led away by it. I heard but little more about it after that until April, 1897, when we were presented with a copy of the fortieth edition of Science and Health by Mary Baker G. Eddy.

The following August, being alone one Sunday, my wife being east at the time, I took the book to see what there was in it. I began at the beginning and read it through in the course of a week or ten days, but could not make anything of it. I then began and read it through again, with the same result; but I could not leave it alone. I then began reading parts of it from time to time as I had opportunity; finally, when reading the Scientific Statement of Being, it dawned upon me that that meant a good deal. After reading it over several times, I thought I understood it. I then decided I would investigate Christian Science and see if it would not help me, as I had been a sufferer from headaches from early boyhood, in fact, had been told by those who were supposed to know, that it was hereditary. For the last ten years prior to that time it did seem at times that I could not endure it any longer, as I was not free from it day or night. At times it was very much more severe than at others. After a severe attack that would about prostrate me, I would find myself so weak and nervous that I was unfit for business.

I was also a sufferer in belief from chronic dyspepsia of more than twenty-five years' standing. When the grip put in its first appearance I was a good subject for it, and had an attack that confined me to the house for about three weeks. When I began reading Science and Health, as above stated, I was and had been a sufferer from the loss of the sight of the left eye for several weeks, and was then being treated by the best medical skill obtainable, yet it grew worse. The oculist informed me that it was caused by headaches and over-work, and that I needed a rest, and must not use my eyes under any circumstances whatever in the way of business or otherwise, and caused me to have a special pair of spectacles made; yet I found no relief.

At that time I had paid out hundreds of dollars to doctors and bought every kind of medicine known or advertised that I thought would help me. My room at home was a small drug store. My office desk was full of the most powerful pellets and powders, as also were my pockets. I was constantly taking something of the kind, and willing to try anything new in the way of medicine to get relief.

Just after the return of my wife, two loyal students called one evening. Christian Science was the leading topic of the evening. While I took no active part in it, I was an attentive listener, the conversation being carried on by the visitors and my wife, although the latter did not know that I was interested. The more I heard about it the more I wanted to know about it. I finally decided one Sunday morning in September to attend a Christian Science service at the Auditorium. I went alone. While I did not understand it, I was very much impressed by the services and the congregation. After attending two Sundays, I concluded to take treatment, and it did not take me long to find the office of a loyal student down town. I began taking treatment the first week in October. The claims of dyspepsia, grip, nervousness, insomnia, and many other beliefs, disappeared at once. The claim of headache and loss of sight seemed to be more stubborn, and did not respond so easily. At the end of three months, however, the headache disappeared, and the eyesight was much improved. I then discontinued the treatment.

At the end of six months from the time I took my first treatment, my eyesight was fully restored to me. Since that time I have enjoyed good health, ear whatever I want, sleep well, and am now a firm believer in Christian Science.

The following June, my wife and myself passed through a class and were admitted as members of the Mother Church, as well as First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Chicago, and are trying to live as true Scientists should live.

"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker G. Eddy, is my constant companion, and money could not buy it if I thought I could not get another copy, as studying it, with Mrs. Eddy's other writings, has enabled me to understand the Bible, something I could not do before, although I was a member of an orthodox church for twenty-seven years. At the time I began looking into Christian Science I had lost all faith in God, and had but little use for the Bible. Since coming into Science, a little less than two years ago, by the understanding of the Truth gained by the instruction received from our teacher, and a constant studying of the Bible and Science and Health, I have had several wonderful demonstrations in business and otherwise. I am very thankful to the dear Mother for turning on the Light that enabled me to find my way out of Egypt and point the way to those seeking the Truth, and can truly say that Christian Science has made me free.

I had been a weak and frail woman for fifteen years; have been prostrated on a bed of suffering for weeks at a time through walking two or three blocks. For eight years I had suffered during the months of July and August with nervous prostration, caused by the heat. I was under the physician's care almost all the time, and would try change of climate, but with the return of the hot summer months my old enemy would appear, each time stronger than before, and with each attack I was growing weaker, with little physical strength to meet what seemed the inevitable. I was born under the belief of inherited consumption, and all my life I felt that some time I must face this enemy; there was no escape; it was as certain as death in the old sense. My father and three sisters, had passed on with this claim, and how could I hope to escape.

Six years ago I was taken very sick, and our family physician was called. He said I had a very weak heart and lung trouble, the same as all my family had, but he would see what he could do for me. But after weeks of experimenting, changing medicine day after day, I was in the same condition. I had lost all confidence in doctors, but felt that something must be done or I should soon follow my father and sisters. In my extremity I turned for help to a loyal student of Christian Science. I knew nothing whatever about Science, and did not expect any great relief, but was willing to give it an honest trial. I asked the one question, Can you heal me? And the reply was. "Christian Science can." I can never tell what courage and hope those words gave me. I took my first treatment the same evening and received great benefit. I slept well all night, and when I awoke in the morning, I felt that I had been bound and the bonds were being broken.

The load that I had carried had been lifted from me, all things looked so different. All gloomy thoughts of death had vanished. I found after three months of patient work by my healer, my thought was turned towards God, as an ever-present help. I found I could run and not be weary, and walk and not faint. I did not understand it. I felt it was the Truth making me free, and it was the Saviour from death unto life with me. My physical healing was great, but the spiritual uplifting which I enjoy is far greater, for it brings "the peace that passeth all understanding." Where all was darkness, doubt, and fear, I now have the blessed assurance that I have found "the Way, the Truth, and the Life," through the teaching of Christian Science. My heart is full of gratitude to God and our beloved Mother for giving to us this Science-Truth, a knowledge of which makes us free. I would like to speak of a beautiful demonstration of Truth over error in painless child-birth, three years ago. I ran the sewing-machine all day; at night I retiredat the usual hour; toward morning I was given a little warning; not more than ten minutes after, the birth took place. I had no belief of suffering to take my strength away, and felt like dressing myself; but those about me would not permit it until the third day. I never experienced such a peaceful, restful, happy time as I did the days following. I remained in my room three days with my books, and on the fourth day took up my work again as though I had never left it, and have felt no bad effects after as some of my friends predicted, who did not understand the power of divine Love which blesses and sustains those who know God to be All-in-all.

We have a little band of earnest students and loyal workers for the cause of Christ-Truth. The growth of our Branch has been gradual. We are holding two services on Sunday, with an average attendance of seventy-five, and a Sunday School of twenty-five members. Frequently at the Wednesday evening meetings testimonies of excellent healing are given. Consumption and cancer have been healed. Crutches have been laid aside with no further use for them. Glasses have been removed from eyes that once could not see without them, through the reading of that wonderful book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." Our Reading Room and Dispensary are doing good work. The Sunday School supplies the Public Library with the Journal and Sentinel. It was our privilege to have Mr. Kimball of Chicago, lecture for us. The hall was well filled. There were between five and six hundred people present. The speaker was listened to with the closest attention, not only by those directly interested in Christian Science, but by many who wished to make an honest investigation into the religion that demands recognition by its works. Since our lecture the interest in Science has increased so much that we are negotiating for another in the near future. To-day words cannot express my thankfulness for that which I have received, but I hope that this attempt at expression from an overflowing heart may be acceptable.

On the night of April 10, I had the misfortune to receive what at first would not seem to be a very severe cut; but I found that the muscle or ligament which passes from the calf of my leg and controls the action of my heel and hence the action of the whole limb when walking, had been almost if not quite severed. So much so, at any rate, that I had no control of my heel. Being a man of over two hundred pounds in weight, I found it impossible to take a step or have the slightest use of these muscles. I at once called my wife to my assistance. She bound up my heel, to absorb the flow of blood, which was something dreadful. I will state here that the cut the next morning measured one and a half inches in length, and was very clean and straight, showing that it had gone directly in through the muscle, which is hardly as large as a man's finger. One can readily see how nearly the muscle was cut through. This detail is given only to show what was accomplished.

Mrs. Morris and myself began to realize the Truth at once as best we could, not stopping for any comment, and I can safely say the blood stopped flowing almost immediately, as the cloths which were wrapped around my ankle were hardly soiled when they were removed the next morning. Not a material application of any kind was made, of course, as we relied entirely upon our understanding of Christian Science for healing.

The following morning (Tuesday) I managed to hobble four blocks for street car, and called upon a Scientist for treatment twice that day. I spent the balance of the time about my work in the office, going several times quite a little distance to answer the telephone. I will admit, walking was no joke that day.

On Wednesday, about eleven o'clock, I took another treatment, making three. That same afternoon Mrs. Annie M. Knott of Detroit, Mich., was to give a talk to the members of the Church at half past two o'clock. This I attended, walking several blocks, the effort becoming easier all the time. That evening at her lecture I filled my usual position as usher in the church, with almost no inconvenience whatever. And I doubt very much if there were a dozen people in the vast audience there assembled who knew or noticed anything wrong with my walk. It was so very slight that I was unconscious of anything wrong most of the time. In less than a week I was able to use that foot in any way I wished.

I would like to know if physicians or surgeons, with all their experience and practice of many years, could effect such a cure as this. I had an experience before that was extremely slight compared to this, and I was not allowed to use my foot in any manner for three weeks, and it was many more weeks before it was considered sufficiently healed to allow me to use it freely. They made many laws for me, and filled me with fear and anxiety. It makes a comparison fair to see in this last experience. I had no anxious or fearful thoughts regarding the result; knowing that God (Good) being the only power, good must of necessity he the result.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Science and to the dear Mother, who through her discovery of the true healing principle has made it possible to bring out such demonstrations as is our almost daily experience.

The grand revelation of this wonderful Christ-Truth has lifted my mother and sister out of the most malignant claims of the flesh. My mother was an invalid for thirty-five years. She had exhausted everything known to materia medica in the United States, traveling everywhere in search of health without receiving the slightest help. Then she went abroad: had the Court physicians both of Vienna and Berlin, also the great authority on stomach trouble, Dr. Kussman of Strasburg, and visited every resort with a hope that she would find relief and health through these channels, but all without avail. After remaining abroad nearly three years, she returned sick in heart and body, without hope and in despair.

After my marriage I came here to live, and after my father's death, mother came to live with me. In the mean time my sister, who lives in the South, had been a sufferer for seven years with acute dyspepsia, nervous prostration, and pianist's cramp. She paid me a visit, and was in a deplorable condition, having undergone several operations with bad results. She weighed only ninety pounds. She could not digest a teaspoonful of water. The doctors could give her no relief: she said she had made up her mind to try Christian Science.

I ridiculed the thought of Christian Science treatment, and did not approve of it. However, I felt my sister had a right to do as she pleased, and placed no obstacles in her way. She went to a normal student of Mrs. Eddy, and in six weeks was healed of dyspepsia and could eat anything she wished. After some time the pianist's cramp was healed. The best physicians and experts on nervous troubles m New York could give her no relief. She had studied with Von Bulow and Liszt abroad, and was an artist. She had played with the Damrosch orchestra in New York, and was about to go abroad on a concert tour, when she became afflicted. It was a dreadful blow to her, and she could not touch the piano for seven years. Now she practises three and four hours daily, plays with, marvelous strength, and all through this wonderful spiritual healing.

About the time of her healing m mother was at the lowest ebb; she could not digest half a cracker and a small cup of tea—the only nourishment she took; her kidneys refused to act, and for thirty years every morning she took a purgative to move her bowels. No doctor could help her kidneys to act, and she finally tried as a last resort Christian Science treatment. After two treatments her kidneys acted, and everything worked like a charm. It was wonderful. I could write pages about the healing in our family.

Mother was an orthodox Jewess of the strictest type, but her wonderful healing has proved to her and to all of us that Jesus the Christ is indeed our Way-shower and Master, and his wonderful healing power is a proof that he was God-appointed, and anointed.

Look at the healing that is being done to-day in his name. You see the difficulty with the Jewish thought is in accepting Christ. But the way Christian Science presents him, all can accept and receive the blessing. I have been enabled to bring many of the Jewish faith into Christian Science through being healed.—

As we have so often been helped in our family by reading the demonstrations in the Journal, I want to tell of an experience we have recently had, feeling sure that it will help some one else, in a time of need, to realize that God is an ever-present help. While out coasting one day this winter, on a very steep hill, my little boy William, six years old, suddenly lost control of his sled, and was thrown violently against a fence, striking with such force that his sled was broken to pieces, and a deep, long gash cut in his head. His little friends who were with him, were very much frightened, but he began treating himself at once as he told me afterward, and he must have had a very clear realization that God would care for him.

The wound bled profusely, and an expressman going by, picked William up and brought him home. There was no one in the house but the servants, who were very much frightened, and telephoned at once for his father, who was in the neighborhood, I being in New York for the afternoon. When his father came home he found William perfectly calm and quiet, apparently suffering no pain, the bleeding had almost ceased, and although his head looked very badly, he seemed to have suffered no ill effects from it; was not pale from loss of blood, or flushed with fever, but seemed perfectly normal in his condition. When I arrived home a few hours later I found him comfortable and happy, and ready to go to dinner, which he ate with a great relish, and afterward went to bed as usual, nothing at all having been done to his head. It helped me a great deal in demonstrating over my own fear to see how completely all sense of it had been destroyed in him, for he evidently suffered no pain at all. He went out-doors as usual the next day, although the weather was very cold, and no more attention was paid to the cut for several days; when I realized that the hair would have to be cut away from the wound, as it was all matted down with the clotted blood. This I was able to do without his suffering at all, and when I realize how different such an operation would have been a few months ago, both for him and myself, I was indeed deeply thankful anew for the blessed Science which gives us strength to perform whatever is required of us. How clearly it proved to me the non-intelligence of matter, to see the little fellow flying around the house, singing and laughing, with that deep, ugly-looking gash in his head, having no consciousness that there was anything there which could hurt him.

A strip of plaster was then put over the wound to conceal it, and nothing more was done to it materially. In a week's time the wound was perfectly healed, the plaster off, and a deeper sense of gratitude than ever in my heart for the God of Love "who healeth all our diseases." I want to tell this particularly for the benefit of the children, for it was the simple faith of a little child, going out instantly to God, which made such a demonstration possible.

Milford, Utah, is a small town, quite near the reservations of the two Indian tribes, the Utes and the Pi-utes, and is a stopping-off and supply place for a number of mining camps, where prospectors get their ponies and supplies before starting out on their trips into the mountains. Three sisters have settled there, all of them Christian Scientists, and one of them is married to a Mr. McQ., who is one of the principal traders there, and is known far and wide among the Indians, who call him "Mickey." About four years ago the Ute Chief, Charlie (who has since been to Denver at one of our Carnivals) was very sick indeed, with rheumatism, and a complication of various diseases. They set him on his pony, and brought him down to Milford to die, and for the next day or two the Indians came mustering in to see the great chief die, and die he certainly would had not some one spoken to him and told him that Mrs. McQ "spoke with the Great Spirit," and that if he wished she would speak to Him in his behalf. Chief Charlie said "Yes, let Mickey's squaw be sent for." She came, and treated him, and in less than a week he was perfectly well, and has been well ever since. Of course, the news spread, and now they all come from all over the reservations to "Mickey's Squaw" to be treated when sick, and she has never lost a single Indian patient under any conditions. She has the regular Sunday lesson for them, and the Wednesday night service, and braves, squaws, and pappooses attend in a body to hear the reading of the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's book.

Not long since, Chief Charlie came to Mrs. McQ, and said he was going a long journey to the San Francisco range of mountains, and during his absence would she speak to the Great Spirit in his behalf, so that all would be well with him? She said yes, but that he must make some sacrifice for it. He had just twenty-five cents in the world, and was very proud of it; but she said he would have to give this up in return for the work the Great Spirit was doing for him. Very reluctantly, he gave it. She then gave him about fifteen dollars' worth of supplies, and off he went. Shortly afterwards, one of his young men arrived with this message: Chief Charlie say to Mickey's Squaw that Chief Charlie does not go to the San Francisco mountains, but to some other mountains, the name of which I have forgotten, so he evidently thought the Great Spirit might be looking for him in one range of mountains and could not protect him so well while he was in another, unless Mickey's Squaw knew where to locate him.—

October 3d, 1899. I publicly acknowledged the Bible and the Christian Science text-book, Science and Health, to be my guide to the understanding of spiritual Life.

The lessons I have learned and the lessons I have had to unlearn, have been many. Little did I dream how deeply I was buried beneath human beliefs. Having come of a line of ancestors who believed in and feared a personal devil more than they realized and loved God, I do not wonder that the crustation in which I was incarcerated was hard to rend asunder. It seems I had been pecking at this shell for years, and there had to be a terrible mental shock to burst the prison doors, but it came, and I am free. For me Christian Science has rolled away the stone; to me it has been the Comforter, pouring into deep wounds the balm of healing; casting out human beliefs that seemed to menace and torture; stripping off the disguise of materiality, and showing to my spiritual sense God's perfect and beautiful creation.

Oh! make glad for every scalding tear,
For hope deferred, ingratitude, disdain!
Wait, and love more for every hate, and fear
No ill,—since God is Good, and loss is gain.

This verse in our beloved "Mother's Evening Prayer," has been so much to me. I have never read it without catching an inspiration of the deep love and beautiful faith that has sustained her while she was being prepared to give to a waiting, struggling, heart-weary world the wonderful Key to unlock the truths in that blessed Bible that were so completely buried beneath the false human interpretation of God, life, and man,—and yet this ignorance has been called wisdom. Truly, the "wisdom of [mortal] man is foolishness to God." In this past year how real the unreal has seemed at times. When the grand verities and possibilities of man as the idea of the Infinite was revealed to me. I little dreamed how tenaciously the false beliefs of the human sense would hold me. At times the light of divine Science has been luminous, at other times it has seemed obscure, but with the Scientific Statement of Being, and the Spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer I have been sustained, and held in the arms of faith. Sometimes "trusting where I could not trace," and often, with the words of our sweet little prayer "For the Big Children," have I been led into the receptive attitude of a "little child," and the sweet, uplifting thoughts which came to me were angels of God's love.—

I was raised in the Episcopal Church and was a member thereof for many years; but there came a time when I could not reconcile myself to the belief that an all-loving God, and Heavenly Father, would send the sin, misery, and unhappiness we see all around us. Something was radically wrong. I left the Church. The Bible was quite a joke to me, though in parts beautiful—like thousands of other books. I was adrift with nothing in sight but "eat and drink, for to-morrow we die." I followed this suggestion to the fullest extent: my life of dissipation was only limited by my financial means. to be sure, through all this, I tried to be "gentlemanly." Dissipation led to stomach trouble, this, to "blues," and the "blues" to more dissipation. Life presented anything but a bright prospect. When I thought seriously of it, there was nothing tangible.

While I was in this frame of mind the truth of Christian Science came to me (it had been in our house several years), and from that time life has been a gradual change for the better, morally, spiritually, and physically. It has been over two years since I have touched liquor or tobacco, which were habits of long standing. I have no desire for either, nor any of the old ways. Anger and profanity are something of the past, and in the place of all this, I have the assurance that God is Love, and man is his image and likeness, unfallen and perfect. I also have the consolation that when I learn to trust God with all my heart, my every want will be supplied. We do not receive because we either "ask amiss," or do not believe that God will or can answer our prayer.

Christian Science has brought and is bringing to me a peace of mind which "passeth understanding" (material understanding), and will do as much for any one who will follow its teachings, as given by Mary Baker G. Eddy. I earnestly recommend any one in my situation to give the subject honest consideration and study; it requires study as well as any other subject. One of the many blessings I have gained through my understanding of Christian Science, is how it is possible to love my "neighbor," and even my enemy. Nothing but Christian Science can make this commandment practical.

I am glad to add my name to the long list of those who have been healed through Christian Science. I learned of this Truth through my mother, who had seen the wonderful healing of my sister, who had been an invalid, unable to walk, for nearly nine years. She urged me to try it, as my father died of heart trouble and our family physician said I, "poor fellow, would have to go that way, there was no chance for me to live." I also had chronic constipation and liver trouble. When my thought was lost in doubt and despair, this Light came, showing a clear, practical way of living in the present hour instead of waiting for the future to receive God's love.

Up to the time I took treatment I had been a great slave to the tobacco habit, both chewing and smoking, but I was not only healed of all my ailments, but of these, too, completely. The treatment was absent, I never seeing the healer, who lived in New Bern. N. C, until months afterward. Her patient helpfulness and love have guided us to Principle, until now not only myself but my children and wife are able to make good demonstrations over many errors.

From a boy of fourteen I had felt that I, and after marriage my family, could not live without drugs. Now you could not get one of them, even the three-year-old, to touch a drop of medicine. I have worked steadily since my healing, two years ago, and have the best of health. Have also been able to realize for myself God's willingness to supply our needs when we look to Principle instead of the senses.

Science has destroyed the seeming power of many troubles that once kept me a prisoner, and my greatest desire is to so understand the Truth as to reflect to others the love that has come to us so bountifully.

My sister, her family, our Christian Science friends, and others meet at our house at 2.30 p. m., Sundays, and have the Lesson Sermon—a glorious little meeting it is. We have Science and Health, "Miscellaneous Writings," the Journal, Sentinel, Washington News Letter, Christian Science Hymnal, and many of the smaller works of Mrs. Eddy. We do feel we have much to be thankful for.

Not long ago I had two very good illustrations of the great truth contained in the following lines, which appear on page 391 of Science and Health, "Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results ...."

One of the clerks in the office where I am employed complained one morning of having a severe pain, caused in a rather comical way, and I thoughtlessly laughed at him with the rest of the clerks (not realizing that I was making a reality of it by doing so), and in a very few minutes the claim of pain presented itself to me in exactly the same manner as it had been described. Of course, I realized the Truth, and in a very short time the claim left me.

About a mouth ago the thought of small-pox was quite prevalent here, and one morning at the breakfast-table a member of my family said to me in a frightened way, "What is the matter with your face? It is all broken out." I told her it did not amount to anything and that it would be all right in a short time. For a few minutes the claim of fear manifested itself, and I commenced to feel rather miserable, but immediately took up Science and Health and read a few pages, then took it to the office and read every time the chance offered, also treated myself several times during the day. When I went home that evening everything was all right, my face was as natural as ever; the impersonal, ever-present physician had done his work. The whole cause of this trouble came from my giving ear to a lot of talk about small-pox the afternoon before, and I feel sure that had a city official seen me the next morning, he would have deemed it necessary to take my case in hand.

I am indeed very grateful for the slight knowledge I have of Christian Science, and am each day trying to gain more of "that mind which was also in Christ Jesus."

Some months ago I was suddenly taken with a most malignant type of diphtheria. A Christian Scientist was sent for, and treatment commenced. The disease seemed for a time to make rapid progress, but after two weeks of faithful work on the part of the demonstrator, I was healed.

During this time friends came in and out, with no fear whatever, and one slept with me for three nights, that she might be near to give me every attention. All danger of contagion seemed entirely destroyed.

Next, my sight and voice failed, and for several weeks I could speak only in a whisper; part of the time I could not do even that, and could not see to read or do any of my accustomed work. But after some more faithful work, my sight and voice were perfectly restored.

Following this, I was taken with progressive paralysis and contraction of the muscles, and for a time this seemed to yield but very little to the treatment. I could walk only a very few short steps at a time. The fingers were so drawn and contracted that I had to straighten them out with the other hand, and the feet, hands, and limbs were almost completely numb and helpless. For a time hopelessness and discouragement seemed paramount; then I began to think that one disease was no more difficult than another for God to heal. From this standpoint of reasoning I gained courage, and my recovery commenced and continued, until now, after six months, I am perfectly healed.

Although the physical healing has been so wonderful, and means so much to me, yet it is as nothing compared with the spiritual healing and enlightenment that has given me a glimpse of what it means to love my neighbor as myself, and to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.—

I take great pleasure in telling what Christian Science has done for me, and is doing every day. I am a prisoner at the county jail in Chicago, and am reading Science and Health all my my spare moments, and it is helping me to see the nothingness of error and the Allness of God. I have for the last six years been under the influence of mortal mind, and it has led me to commit many sins, which, I am very sorry to say, have cost my dear parents much sorrow. But now I can see that God loves even me, a sinner. It gives me new life to know that God is All in all, and man is His image and likeness, governed by Mind, and there is only one Mind, or God, and all sin and sickness is only a belief of mortal mind.

I have Science and Health, and "Miscellaneous Writings," which I got from the jail library. The librarian said I could keep them as long as nobody called for them.

I wish my fellow prisoners could see the Truth as I see it, and could understand that they are God's children, and wherever they are, God is always with them. I feel very grateful to the Christian Scientists who are helping me in my trouble.

Before I knew anything about Christian Scientists, I thought there was no pleasure in this world unless I had lots of money, and to go out with the boys and have a good time, and if I could not get money honestly I would get it some other way. But now I can see that money is a small part of this world.

I expect to stay here for a few months more, and when I get out I know that I shall settle down and be a man, and an honor to my parents, for now I know that God is always willing to help those who have fallen, if they try to help themselves.—

In the spring of 1888 my husband and I called on a family one evening, when the gentleman said, "We have that book on Christian Science." When my husband saw the book, he said, "That is the book we want." The next day we sent to Oakland for it, as the address of a Scientist of that place was in the book, and we did not know of any one who sold them here. When the book came we could not read it fast enough. I read in the evening aloud to my husband and in the daytime when he was at work I read to myself. Before I had read the book through, I was cured of what our family physician called incurable spinal disease. I was at one time overpowered by the sun and the spinal trouble followed. One day, while reading the "little book," what I called my severe pain came on. I got up and began to walk about, when the thought came, "See here: I have been reading that God never made a pain; well then, I can't have a pain if God never made one." I then went out in the garden and never thought of the pain again until my husband came home from work, then I said, "This afternoon I had a pain, and I have not thought of it until now, and it is all gone."

I have never had a return of that complaint since that afternoon. We have followed as near as we knew how, what our dear Mother teaches.

Many claims have come to tempt us, but we have stood firm, and Science and Health has always been our healer and teacher.

Words fail to express our love for the dear Mother who has given us this beautiful Science.

Had it not been for Christian Science, and the many blessings I have received from it, such as the healing when all my false gods—hygiene, drugs, electricity, antiseptic capsules, and many others—had failed me, I should not now be here to tell the old, old story of Jesus as the Way-shower. As it is. I am only one of thousands who have had the scales fall from their eyes through Christian Science, showing me that the Bible was not a book to be taken on blind faith, nor the promises and commands contained therein for the apostles only, but for all who seek God in Spirit and in Truth; who are willing to follow God and worship but the one true God. In doing this we must learn to love our enemy, and part with our innumerable gods.

War comes as a result of hatred, envy, strife, avarice, selfishness, and lack of brotherly love. Sin, decay, deformity, decrepitude, come as a manifestation of our false, distorted, deformed sense of God, as our beliefs in invisible evil powers.

We have false gods until we find ourselves in the wilderness, bewildered and struggling to find our way out of the midnight darkness; and when we are ready, hungering and thirsting after righteousness, we again hear the invitation, "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

"Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the sons of God."

"The righteous shall see it and rejoice: and all iniquity shall stop her mouth."—

Having been encouraged by "Notes from the Field." I would like to add my testimony to the power of Christian Science. I was healed of two severe claims, one of tonsilitis, and another of appendicitis. The last claim was so serious (to mortal sense) that I lost eleven pounds in weight in little over twenty-four hours. Being healed so quickly, I wished to know more of such "medicine," and have been reading all the Christian Science literature I can get. All that I have learned has been gained by reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." I have been able to demonstrate over many errors for myself and others. It seems such a grand thing to be able to read the Bible and understand it. I never could do that before learning the Truth. Christian Science has brought so much harmony and peace to our home, that I want to express my gratitude to Mary Baker Eddy, who has shown us how to find God.

Last spring my mother became interested in Christian Science and wanted me to read Science and Health, but being a member of the Episcopal Church I told her I would rather not. She then wished to read the book to me, but I did not care to listen. At last she persuaded me to go to the church with her. At the time I was suffering with rheumatism, and was taking medicine constantly. I became interested and began to study Science and Health, since then I have entirely recovered and never take medicine of any kind. I have also been greatly helped in a spiritual way, for which I am very thankful.

Extract from a Letter.

It was wonderful about Willie, to belief, his shoulder was out of place, the arm hung limp at his side, and there was a bone stuck up the size of a hickory nut and he had to lie flat on his back, but as soon as you treated him it went back into place, and in one week he was playing ball, and can now do anything with his arm.

The late Dr. Campbell Black of Glasgow, eminent as a physician and a clinical lecturer, was fond of saying that "medicine is no more an exact science than millinery."

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