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From the October 2007 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I LOVE TO JOG. It gives me the opportunity to experience the outdoors — the sun, sky, wind — and to see nature around me. It also fills me with a joyous sense of movement. Further, it's an opportunity to pray in a different setting than my home.

One afternoon a couple of years ago when I was out running, I began to feel dizzy. I also felt discomfort in my chest, particularly the left side. I continued to run, and the feeling left me. Weeks later, the same symptoms returned. As time went on, the discomfort became more frequent. At one point, I awoke in the night to find the same condition, only more pronounced. It was alarming to me.

Having had many healings over my lifetime through the application of Christian Science, I knew that even though I was feeling fearful, this was a wake-up call to buckle down and really pray diligently about the situation. The first idea that came to me was to think about the word circulation. "What is it that circulates?" I asked myself. Before going further, I remembered one of the basic principles of Christian Science: turning thought away from the body, the material picture, to Truth, God. So I asked myself, "What circulates in God's kingdom?" Divine Love circulates. Divine Love moves, acts, and functions in smooth precision, expressing perfect harmony. It does this for eternity, without a missed beat, an abnormal palpitation, or a clogged channel. This divine Love is present in me as the expression of God's being.

I worked to steadily turn away from the pain and dizziness to the spiritual reality of my being God's perfect child. There were times during the following days, weeks, and months when the symptoms seemed to clamor for all of my attention. Sometimes I would ask, "God, what do You want me to know? How are You seeing me?" A fresh idea would always come to give me comfort.

Once when the fear seemed strongest, I remembered attending a Christian Science lecture years before and hearing these words, "If you fear something, it's a sure sign it doesn't exist!" I thought about the lecturer's confidence in his statement. "How can this be true?" I asked myself. The great revelation of Christian Science teaches that all that exists, all that ever was and ever will be is of God, and this God is wholly good. I reasoned that anything that would make one afraid wouldn't be of God's creating. This train of thought brought me to the same conclusion as the lecturer's: Anything unlike God (whatever caused me to fear) couldn't be real, so it couldn't harm me.

Another time when I was praying in the face of the symptoms, another experience came to mind from years earlier. I was piloting a plane from Missouri to Minnesota by myself. About halfway through the trip, at 8,000 feet in the air, I suddenly started experiencing heart palpitations. As fear tried to claw its way into my consciousness, my immediate reaction was to declare, "NO! God is here and is the center and circumference of my entire being." As I affirmed this truth, I remembered that I'd just gotten a new cell phone, which included the vibrating function when calls come in. Before take-off I'd placed the phone in my left breast pocket without turning it off. I realized, with a big laugh, that I wasn't having heart problems at all, but was receiving a phone call! I had been treating myself for a physical problem that wasn't even present. This memory helped to jar me into realizing that God knew absolutely nothing of a physical calamity, and therefore, it couldn't endure, it had no authority, no reality, and had to vanish into nothingness. Why was this so? Because God, and His eternally perfect, true creation is greater to me than any false belief.

There were many times when I affirmed that the ideas coming to me were supported by divine Principle and therefore carried with them the authority of divine law. They couldn't be subrogated, thwarted, overthrown, or corrupted. This law was in operation in my consciousness, in my life, in my universe, in God's universe, and in everything that existed. This spiritual truth, in turn, had to be expressed in me, for this is the Christ law.

I don't actually remember when the symptoms vanished, but it's been over a year since I've been completely free of them. I'm extremely grateful for this healing, and for happily being back to my regular prayer-jogs.

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