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Diagnosed terminal disease healed, family reunited

From the March 2016 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My parents separated when I was three years old. At the time it was the Great Depression in the United States, and they lost their two restaurants. They also suffered the devastating loss of their four sons in infancy over a seven-year period. Because of their grief and discouragement, they decided to go their separate ways. My mother and I moved a great distance out of state to live with her parents on their ranch, and she supported us through her work as an obstetrician.

Six years later, when I was nine years old, my mother became ill. She was diagnosed with a terminal disease, and was given, at the most, two months to live. It was during that week that a new acquaintance of my mother’s told her about Christian Science and gave her a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. This friend took us to church services at a branch Church of Christ, Scientist, and I was enrolled in the Sunday School.

Fortunately, my Sunday School teacher was a Christian Science practitioner. Her support and encouragement were a great help, and my mother and I began to understand the truths in Science and Health. Her specific prayers helped break the mesmerism of grief and fear that dominated my mother’s thought. Before the end of two months, my mother was no longer suffering from sleepless nights, or loss of appetite, and the heaviness she had felt in her chest was gone. She knew she was healed. Later, my mother told me how by turning to God, trusting Him, and learning to forgive, she was freed from resentment, disappointment, doubt, and fear.

When my mother told her doctor she’d been healed through Christian Science, he said that was nonsense and insisted on a check-up. To his amazement, the X-rays showed no evidence of the disease. He was so impressed with my mother’s healing that he placed copies of the Christian Science Sentinel and the Journal in the waiting rooms on all ten floors of his hospital.

My mother’s healing was proof to me that the study of the writings of Mary Baker Eddy results in healing. And my study of Science and Health, as a key to understanding the spiritual message of the Bible, including Christ Jesus’ example and teachings, inspired me also to become a faithful Bible student.

My first healing happened within months of my mother’s. I developed a high fever and had red spots all over my body. Before my mother left for work, she dutifully reported this to the medical authorities, as it was a law of the state to report such contagious disease, and a doctor was sent to our home. 

My mother also had me call my Sunday School teacher, who asked me to read “the scientific statement of being” from the Christian Science textbook (see Science and Health, p. 468), which I had already memorized. In that statement, man is defined as spiritual, not physical and material, and I knew that this spiritual man was who I was. I had also learned that God’s love filled all space, so I concluded that there was no room for illness—for fever or red spots on my body. 

When the doctor arrived thirty minutes later, I met him at the door, completely free of the fever and no sign of any red spots. After he left, in my childlike innocence and enthusiasm, I decided my mother and I didn’t need any medicine in our house, so I disposed of all the medicine bottles and threw away all my mother’s pills. When she returned home from work that afternoon and found what I had done, she wasn’t upset, but said that she had intended on doing that herself.

My mother and I had learned that we could rely entirely on God, Spirit, for healing, and that we no longer needed to depend on medical help, because we were already complete, whole, and perfect. We were so grateful for the knowledge that we are made in the image and likeness of God.

The blessings that Christian Science brought into our life continued. My mother’s healing inspired her to contact my dad, who lived in another state. She had heard that he was very ill, and she prayed that he would be receptive to the teachings of Christian Science.

He decided to visit, and when he arrived, he was suffering from a skin disease that the doctors told him was an inherited, incurable condition. He also suffered from a serious heart condition. Desperate for a healing, my dad devoted all his time to studying Science and Health and working with a practitioner. I knew his healing was possible, and I recall my parents discussing the spiritual truths they were studying way into the night.

Within just a few months, he was healed of the skin condition, and soon he could also skip up the steps without huffing and puffing. We became a family once again, and ten years later my parents had a beautiful baby girl. Both my parents were devoted Christian Scientists for the remainder of their lives. I joined The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, as well as a branch church when I was 17, and in my 30s I took Christian Science Primary class instruction from an authorized Christian Science teacher. My husband and I raised our four sons in the Christian Science Sunday School. They experienced many healings, as did both my husband and I. I continue to be active in my local church today, having served in many different roles. My gratitude for this wonderful Science and how it has blessed my life knows no bounds. 

Edna B. Craft
Pacific Palisades, California, US

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