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From the March 1892 issue of The Christian Science Journal

This article was later republished in Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896: Mis. 90:21-93:5

What is the form of Communion for the Church of Christ, Scientist?

The Eucharist in Christian Science is very simple as a ceremony. When Pastor of the Mother Church in Boston, I instituted the following programme for our Communion-day services, which I recommend for general use.
Part first: Usual Sunday service.

Part second: Hymn.

Admissions to the Church.

Charge to New Members.

Remarks by the Pastor on spiritual Communion, and the commemoration of Christ as the true idea of Life, Truth, Love.


Invitation to Christ's Table.

Communion: Pastor and Church kneel (and all who love our Communion) silently partaking of the Bread which cometh down from Heaven, and taking the Cup of Salvation.

Part third: Close as usual.

If not ordained, shall the Pastor of the Church of Christ, Scientist, administer the Communion, — and shall members of a Church not organized receive the Communion?

Our great Master administered to his disciples the Passover, or Last Supper, without the prerogative of a visible organization and ordained priesthood. His spiritually prepared Breakfast, after his resurrection, and after his disciples had left their nets to follow him, was the spiritual Communion which Christian Scientists celebrate in commemoration of the Christ. This ordinance is significant as a type of the true worship, and it should be observed at present in our Churches.

It is not essential to materially organize Christ's Church. It is not absolutely necessary to ordain Pastors, and to dedicate Churches; but if this be done, let it be in concession to the period, and not as a perpetual or indispensable ceremonial of the Church. If our Church is organized, it is to meet the demand, "suffer it to be so now." The real Christian compact is love for one another. This bond is wholly spiritual and inviolate.

It is imperative at all times and under every circumstance, to perpetuate no ceremonials except as types of these mental conditions: remembrance and love, —a real affection for Jesus' character and example. Be it remembered that all types employed in the service of Christian Science should represent the most spiritual forms of thought and worship that can be made visible.

Every third month, on the first Sunday of this month, let the Churches of Christ, Scientist, hold Communion, commencing on January.

Should not the teacher of Christian Science have our text-book, Science and Health, in his school-room and teach from it?

I never dreamed, until informed thereof, that a loyal student did not take his text-book with him into the class-room, ask questions from it — and answer them according to it —and, as occasion required, read from the book as authority for what he taught. I supposed that students had followed my example, and that of other teachers sufficiently to do this, and also to require their pupils to study the lessons before recitations.

To omit these important points is anomalous, considering the necessity of understanding Science, and the present liability of deviating from Christian Science. Centuries will intervene, before the statement of the inexhaustible topics of that book is sufficiently understood to be absolutely demonstrated. The teacher of Christian Science needs to continually study this text-book. His work is, to replenish thought, and to spiritualize human life from this open fount of Truth and Love.

He who sees most clearly, and enlightens other minds most readily, keeps his own lamp trimmed and burning. He will take the text-book of Christian Science into his class, — repeat the questions in "Recapitulation," — and his students will answer them from the same source. Throughout his entire explanations the teacher should strictly adhere to the questions and answers contained in that chapter of Science and Health. It is important to point out the lesson to a class and require the students to thoroughly study it before the recitation, for this spiritualizes their thoughts. When closing his class, the teacher should require each member to own a copy of Science and Health and to continue the study of this text-book.

The opinions of men cannot be substituted for God's revelation. It must not be forgotten that in times past arrogant ignorance and pride, in attempting to steady the ark of Truth, have dimmed the power and glory of the Scriptures, to which Science and Health is the Key.

That teacher does most for his students who divests himself of pride and self, and spiritualizes his own thought, and by reason thereof is able to empty his students' mind, that it may be filled with Truth.

Beloved students, so teach, that posterity shall call you blessed, and the heart of history shall be made glad.

"What thing is love, which naught can countervail?
Nought save itself, ev'n such a thing is Love.
All worldly wealth in worth as far doth fail,
As lowest earth doth yield to heaven above.
Divine is Love, and scorneth worldly pelf,
And can be bought with nothing but with self."


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