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Unfoldment—the law of your being

From the March 1986 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It is the very nature of pure Love to express itself. Boundless Love naturally unfolds, without limit, the wonders of Love's immeasurable resources of good.

In Christian Science the word unfold has special meaning. It means to express, to show forth, to develop and display, to bring out what is real in its fullness.

Unfoldment is the divine action. It is the omniaction of the one infinite God who is Mind and Love and Life— eternally pouring forth God's perfection and glory, expressing Love's infinite power and vitality in man.

God's synonyms help us to understand more of what God's unfolding expression of Himself includes. For example, infinite Mind must be expressed in an infinitude of ideas. These ideas unfold naturally the supreme wisdom and dominion of Mind, Soul. They bear witness to Soul's perfection and harmony. And they appear in the true man—Mind's compound idea, image, likeness.

Omnipotent Truth is forever unfolding its incomparable goodness in man. Through understanding this, we gain grander views than mortal vision can afford—glimpses of our own true spiritual selfhood reflecting the glory of illimitable Spirit. As a result we grow spiritually and our lives are changed for the better.

Divine Principle impels this unfoldment and governs it. As the light of this understanding floods our thoughts, the anxieties and forebodings of mortal sense give way to the unfailing buoyancy of man's spiritual well-being.

Illimitable Life expresses itself in conscious harmony and unfolding energies. This is the very nature of Life—to impart constantly to Life's own reflection, man, the joy and strength of God's being.

Unfoldment expresses spiritual law because it manifests divine Principle. It characterizes God's boundless creation. It endows with unfading freshness all the ideas and identities peopling God's creation.

As we read in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy: "There is but one creator and one creation. This creation consists of the unfolding of spiritual ideas and their identities, which are embraced in the infinite Mind and forever reflected. These ideas range from the infinitesimal to infinity, and the highest ideas are the sons and daughters of God." Science and Health, pp. 502-503 .

God's law of unfolding good characterizes your real being because it governs man's individuality. To understand this brings to light, in increasing measure, man's purpose and possibilities as God's conscious expression. In the words of Paul, "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."II Cor. 5:17 .

Seeing that God's law of unfoldment is the real law of our being, we can be lifted above boredom, aimless drifting, lack of progress. Under God's law governing man there can be no idleness, no fruitless labor, no dead end, no "spinning of wheels"—in short, no frustration.

God's man forever bears witness to Life's unfolding infinitude. He always shows forth the promise and joy of God's self-expression. Science wakens us to see that this is our own real identity.

In today's world it often appears that individual lives, as well as the community at large, are vulnerable to multiplied uncertainties, stressful changes, sudden disasters. But the Christ Science enables us to discern, even in time of turmoil, the constancy of God's operative law of ever-unfolding good. This law, understood and trusted, brings to light the evidence of Mind's intelligent purpose for man. It affords proof of Love's unfailing protection.

Charting our course on this basis, we can gain freedom from the limits imposed by mortal outlining. Our vision clears. Our trust in God grows stronger. Our attitudes become more receptive and flexible. Then there's wider room in our lives for divine Love to bring forth its blessings.

Such unfoldment appears in ways that are seen humanly to be unmistakably natural. They feel normal and right. How often it is that decisions and solutions worked out on this basis prove better than those fashioned according to limited mortal planning and often fear-filled maneuvering!

Take a friend's experience. She was a successful fabric shop manager, but her overall situation as a working mother supporting two young children was so difficult that a job change became clearly imperative.

After some months of prayer, still no solution had come. Her strongest qualifications, along with her experience in advertising and retail management, were as a commercial artist. But she lived in a resort area where suitable jobs were rare. She had few contacts in major job markets and felt she couldn't take time or money for sustained job hunting there.

But she redoubled her prayerful efforts, and so did the Christian Science practitioner helping her.

One day she was prompted to answer a classified advertisement in the local paper for a part-time paste-up artist. It was a modest opportunity but one that might offer a little extra income. The advertiser turned out to be a highly specialized firm engaged in designing for fabric products. When she went for an interview with the general manager, she took her career resume with her.

While they were talking, a man suddenly came in, handed the manager some keys, then left. The manager explained to his visitor, "He's our art director. He's leaving us today."

"Do you have a replacement?" she inquired.

"We don't know. We aren't sure what to do. Maybe we'll just include that job with other managerial responsibilities."

"If you decide you need an art director, I'd be interested in that."

The manager offered no comment, and they went on talking about the paste-up work. He looked through her resume and asked some questions.

First thing next morning he telephoned her. "We want you to work for us."

He said he'd taken three resumes, including hers, to the company's chief financial officer, who had looked them over and promptly chosen hers, advising, "You don't have any decision to make. I'd take this one."

Then he'd gone to the owner, who also selected her resume. "Hire her. I remember meeting that girl years ago when she represented an ad agency. She's just what we need. Don't let her get away."

The job they offered was that of art director—and it was upgraded with executive responsibilities. It was tailored exactly to her experience and talents in commercial art, creative planning, retail marketing, and management.

She said later that she wouldn't have thought of applying to this particular firm for a full-time job. The solution proved to be better, for her and for the company, than limited human outlining could have foreseen.

Divine Mind's unfolding expression of its own nature in the real man goes on without tension, pressure, upheaval, or struggle. There is no turmoil in the divine omniaction, no element of chance, stress, or mistake, because it expresses the divine law of harmony.

To understand this brings increasing dominion over the discords that seem so prevalent in human living. In divine unfoldment there can be no friction.

The divine law of unfoldment embraces every aspect of our experience. It includes matters of health because God's law of unfoldment is a law of right action within man.

To mortal belief, man's life depends on the functioning of a physical organization; but Science shows that man, God's spiritual reflection, manifests the omniaction of good—of God, Life—in every detail and throughout his entire being.

Mortals fear that inaction, overaction, or abnormal action of molecules, cells, or organs may take form in disease. But Science affirms that God's law of unfolding Life and Love governs every function of man harmoniously. It manifests the absolute supremacy of Truth.

All that can go on in man is the harmonious spiritual unfoldment of good, since man is Mind's reflection. No abnormal condition—molecular, chemical, or glandular—could evolve to impair health, for Mind's jurisdiction over man is complete and final.

In divine omniaction there are no harmful microorganisms to produce disease, no hidden disorders in the functioning of man to develop and interfere with his life. The fact in Science is that no disease whatever can develop in man, because his very being is the unfolding of God's nature in fulfillment of spiritual law. Only good can develop in man.

Disease-evolving mental images and errors, as well as the outward conditions they produce, must yield to God's law of unfolding goodness and harmony. We read in Science and Health, "God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis."Science and Health, p. 258 .

When this truth is understood, it is powerful in healing both mind and body. It arrests and corrects disease-action. It destroys the evidence of disease. It restores mental and physical harmony.

The glorious truth is that man's God-derived being is unfoldment. Armed with this truth, we can break out of the confining belief of being a mortal personality held in a material life cycle. Actually, our identity doesn't originate in mortal beginnings. It isn't shaped by earthbound experiences. It unfolds from God and bears witness to Love's infinite power and Mind's intelligence.

From this it follows that our capabilities and talents are not confined by limited human concepts or defined by material conditions. Recognizing the source of our abilities to be the ever-unfolding capabilities of divine Mind reflected by man, we can prove increasingly our dominion over mortal limits.

God's man is not the prisoner of mortal personality. He is not shackled by inability or failure. As Mind's spiritual idea and likeness, he bears witness to the grandeur and power, the goodness and majesty, of immortal being. His destiny is not the rise and decline of a mortal life cycle, but the fulfillment of his creator's divine purpose.

This purpose is the forever-unfolding expression of God's infinite nature; its accomplishment is sustained, without resistance or opposition, by the power of inexhaustible Life and Love.

God's law of unfoldment carries the greatest possible meaning for the progress not only of individuals but also of mankind collectively. Its meaning and applicability are universal. We do well to consider these wider, deeper aspects.

To mortal sense the very survival of humanity seems called into question. Yet the Christ Science invites us to look deeper than the blind forces of matter, or mortal mind—and to recognize the intelligent forces of omnipotent Love right here.

Christ Jesus demonstrated the presence and practicality of these spiritual forces in his healings, mighty works, and resurrection. Constantly he heralded the presence of the kingdom of heaven —the realm where God's laws are supreme, a mental realm within reach of man's awakened spiritual perception here and now. To recognize divine Mind's laws and control over man, and Love's government of all things through divine Science, is to find healing of disease, destruction of sin, and redemption for humanity.

The present fruits of this revealed Science of God and man are shown in continuing examples of Christian healing and demonstration. Even our present perceptions of its possibilities hold unparalleled promise for us all. Speaking of the kingdom of heaven, the Master said, "It is like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds that be in the earth: but when it is sown, it groweth up, and becometh greater than all herbs, and shooteth out great branches; so that the fowls of the air may lodge under the shadow of it."Mark 4:31, 32 .

As truth continues to unfold in human consciousness, the light of the heavenly kingdom will grow brighter in human consciousness. A new day will come. The reality of man's spiritual being will unfold in its fullness, bringing safety to humanity and salvation to us all.

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