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Wounds healed quickly

From the June 2019 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I’m most grateful for significant demonstrations of healing in my life, and to have learned that healing comes through understanding and turning to God as all-powerful and always present. Two such demonstrations involved severe open wounds that were healed very quickly. 

My senior year in high school, I drove over an hour away from home to shop at a mall with a friend. When we arrived and got out of the truck, I pressed the power lock from the inside and shut the door. I neglected to move my hand in time, though, and the door closed firmly on it. I was unable to open the door because the keys were now buried in my purse and were difficult to access with only one arm. 

I did not want to scare my friend by yelling for help, and I did not want him to be fearful. So I waited patiently until he came around to my side of the truck, quietly assured him I was OK, and reached out to God with my whole heart. My friend was able to find the keys in my purse and unlock the door.

At quick glance, I noticed there was a large opening through one of my fingers in which a large metal pin had passed. Since the pain was overwhelming, I asked that my friend give me a few minutes to collect my thoughts, and I climbed back into the truck. I wrapped my hand as best as I could with napkins rather than assess the damage. My friend was very concerned and wanted to take me to the hospital, but I did not want to spoil our plans and was certain that relief through prayer would be a much more efficient and effective approach. He waited quietly while I prayed the best that I could. The pain was so significant that I had a very difficult time focusing, but I felt confident that if I could get through the Lord’s Prayer, I’d be prepared for the next step.

At first, the only words of the prayer that I could get through without turning back to the pain were, “Our Father.” I repeated those words over and over until I understood that God was present. When I got to “which art in heaven,” I realized that heaven, harmony, was right there with my friend and me, providing comfort. I didn’t have to search for a new location to find peace. I didn’t have to do anything but allow myself to feel the embrace of God’s love.

We spent five to ten minutes in silence while I repeated this line of the prayer over and over until I felt I really understood the connection between heaven and earth, as well as God’s peaceful and loving care for me. I reasoned that because I am never outside of God’s heavenly care, anything in matter trying to win my attention is not worthy of consideration. With that clarity, the pain subsided almost immediately, as if I were turning off a faucet. 

I told my friend I was ready to participate in what we planned and assured him I would stop at the first-aid station to have my hand bandaged. At the station, they highly recommended I go to the hospital but were willing to “patch” me up temporarily. I thanked them for their concern and assured them that I would definitely seek proper care. My friend and I enjoyed the next few hours together without any further concern for my hand. 

When I arrived home, my dad replaced the bandages while I looked away. I didn’t want to measure the physical progress, knowing how much I had already progressed spiritually in my understanding of God. As I continued to pray that evening, it became clear that in order for me to see a permanent healing, I needed to really understand that human injury did not define my spiritual identity. I didn’t need to relive a mistake, because as far as God was concerned, I never left Her care.

One of my favorite passages, which I turned to often throughout high school, is found on page 463 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. It says, “A spiritual idea has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive.” I reasoned that pain and an inability to use my hand because of an injury were definitely offensive. This passage said to me that as a spiritual idea of God, I couldn’t be made with an inclination to fail, falter, or suffer in mistakes. When my direct connection to God is understood, everything unlike all-mighty good just falls away—which I’m happy to report was the case. 

When my dad replaced the bandage the next morning, he mentioned that I really didn’t need to wear it anymore because the wounds were almost completely closed. I was still tempted to relive the incident in my thinking and measure human progress, so I chose to wear the bandage the remainder of the day. That evening, he removed the bandage, and we were thrilled to discover that the healing was complete. It was impossible to tell which finger had had a hole in it, and the entire hand was without a single mark!

This experience paved the way for another amazing demonstration of the healing power that Christ Jesus shared with the world. I was in a boat fishing with my dad, with my line out in the lake. We had to make an abrupt turn, and in so doing, my fishing line unexpectedly got caught in the motor. I like to hold my fishing line with my finger against the rod in order to better feel a nibble, but before I understood what was happening, the line sliced through my finger down to the bone because of the speed at which it flew off the reel. My dad and I were so unfazed by the incident that we both looked at each other and laughed. I looked down at my finger and literally saw the skin mend back together in a matter of seconds. I held up my finger and thanked my dad for his prompt prayers. He laughingly reported that he didn’t have time to pray but knew that all the prayerful work he’d done that morning was in effect at that moment. 

I love to consider that with both of those incidents, there is no single mark on my hands that “prove” it happened—no scarring to remind me that I suffered, no pull back to matter. I am completely free and full of faith that God’s healing power and presence protect and govern my every action. These demonstrations of the Christ’s healing presence, as well as so many others in my life, prove that “my cup runneth over” (Psalms 23:5) with goodness. What a blessing that we all are so loved by God!

Angela Denson
Ballwin, Missouri, US

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