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Healing of intestinal pain

From the May 2019 issue of The Christian Science Journal

One morning I woke up with a painful lower belly. I ignored it during a busy day, expecting it to just go away on its own. But it didn’t, and by the next day I knew I had to confront this with healing prayer. As I’d done many times, I gave myself a Christian Science treatment. This included affirming that God is the only creator, and that I am created in the image of God, Spirit, which means that I am spiritual and perfect; this profound truth of being makes it impossible for anything to interfere with the perfection or health of God’s creation. 

However, when the pain didn’t go away and, instead, got worse, a bunch of negative suggestions—even frightening scenarios of life-threatening illnesses—came knocking at my mental door. I was a bit surprised, since I thought I did a pretty good job of not allowing the widely broadcast images and descriptions of disease to take root in my thinking.

As I tried to pray, those fearful thoughts of disease crowded in on me. It was as if my prayer was being heckled—as if I were a performer onstage dealing with a rude, aggressive audience member shouting out insults. In order to find healing, I knew that these aggressive suggestions needed to be shut down.

What helped me was a passage from that week’s Bible Lesson on “Love” from the Christian Science Quarterly: “The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him; and the Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders” (Deuteronomy 33:12). This reminded me of swimming with my dad as a little kid and riding on his back between his shoulders. It felt like such a huge, safe place, where nothing could harm me. This recollection helped me understand that God was my divine Parent and that I was loved and cared for by God, dwelling between His shoulders safe and protected from harm. 

This assurance enabled me to reject those negative scenarios and kick them out of my thinking. I then continued in prayer throughout the day, to become more aware of the reality that I am a spiritual and harmonious expression of God—because this is the truth of being for everyone. By the time I went to bed, all that remained in my consciousness was the truth of my oneness with divine Love; the pain had faded away, and it has never returned.

After this experience, I was led to a sentence in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: “When you silence the witness against your plea, you destroy the evidence, for the disease disappears” (p. 417).

I realized that’s exactly what had happened: When I silenced the suggestions working against my prayer, the symptoms were destroyed and the condition disappeared. That healing proved that the condition, along with its so-called evidence, was never anything more than a false witness—a liar, which simply had to be silenced by Truth.

I’m so grateful to Christian Science for giving us the truth of harmonious, spiritual being. Whatever lie is trying to deceive us or make us afraid, Truth reminds us what is real and makes us free, like an innocent person finding justice in the courtroom. Once the truth of our innocency and perfection is revealed, the verdict is for health and freedom—and the case is dismissed! 

Joel Magnes
Vancouver, Washington, US

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