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Putting Truth on record

From the May 2023 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Christ Jesus put on record the healing power of God, divine Truth, for the world’s benefit. He did this by teaching and demonstrating the power of Truth, freeing humanity from limitations, discords, and diseases. In explanation he said, “To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth” (John 18:37).

He left this promise for all who would learn from his teachings and follow his example: “If you live by what I say, you are truly my disciples. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:31, 32, God’s Word translation). This is how the healing power of Truth continues to be put on record today through the practice of Christian Science.

The spiritual reformation and healing that individuals have experienced when guided by the inspired Word of the Bible, especially the teachings of Christ Jesus, have been recorded in this monthly magazine since Mary Baker Eddy founded it in 1883. Explaining its mission, she wrote, “I have given the name to all the Christian Science periodicals. The first was The Christian Science Journal, designed to put on record the divine Science of Truth; . . .” (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 353). Every Christian Scientist should contribute to its pages, she said in her writings. In fact, she spoke of this as their moral duty to do so—putting on record for succeeding generations the presence and power of divine Truth, and its ability to meet the needs of the hungering heart today. 

The “divine Science of Truth” includes all that is true of God and His creation; and it exposes what is false and must be seen as unreal in order to heal disease, and for humanity’s progress. The Bible says, “He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness: but a false witness deceit” (Proverbs 12:17). 

Jesus demonstrated in his healing work that the false witness that needs to be disbelieved is not a person but the lie of the material senses—what the human eye and ear observes. Whereas, the true witness to spiritual being is spiritual sense—what we learn from God, divine Spirit. 

Through spiritual sense, we discern the reality of God as infinite Spirit—divine Truth, Life, and Love—and everyone’s real identity as God’s image and likeness. This spiritual reality is always revealed to us through Christ, the divine message to which the spiritual senses are receptive. The power of Christ, illumining and governing consciousness, uncovers the deceptive nature of the material senses and enables us to set ourselves and others free from sin and sickness. In other words, from whatever is unlike God, good. 

This is how Truth is put on record in our lives and the lives of others. It includes listening to, agreeing with, and holding to what God, divine Mind, is constantly presenting to us. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy tells us exactly what that is: “Immortal and divine Mind presents the idea of God: first, in light; second, in reflection; third, in spiritual and immortal forms of beauty and goodness” (p. 503).

What happens when we accept what God is presenting? Consciousness is enlightened by the spiritual illumination of Truth, and so we reflect Truth. This brings reformation and healing. How?

First, in light” 

God presents His idea in light, for “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all” (I John 1:5).

Sin, sickness, and death seem real only in the darkness of mortal belief, which does not exist in the immortal divine Mind, where we all exist in our real identity as God’s spiritual expression. 

In the understanding of spiritual Truth, we find health—the wholeness and holiness of eternal Life. This Truth that was revealed to Mrs. Eddy through the words and works of Christ Jesus was demonstrated by her, and recorded by her in Science and Health, for the benefit of all.

Through her own trials, and a healing of severe injuries after turning to the Bible for help, she discovered that health is entirely spiritual. Health is the permanent perfection and purity of God’s spiritual creation. Therefore, right where physical imperfections or moral impurities appear to material sense and mortal thought, we can silently and obediently turn to the ever-present, immortal light, and walk in this light. This is the practical first step we can each take in order to experience health for ourselves, and help others experience it. All of us actually live in this spiritual light, where no dark, unhealthy thoughts or manifestations can be found.

Second, in reflection” 

When we look in a mirror, we see a reflection of our physical appearance—which is believed to be constantly subject to change, limitation, and discord. But the divine Science of being presents a different kind of mirror. It shows us what God presents and sees—His own image and likeness, perfect and unchanging. And that is what we actually are, God’s reflection, which is as consistently, eternally attractive, pure, and healthy as God is.

The material senses cannot see God or His reflection. God is Spirit, and Spirit’s reflection is spiritual, not physical. Spiritual sense sees this reflection, the real identity of everyone. God has given each of us, His loved children, this spiritual sense, which is awakened when we study the Bible along with Science and Health. They provide the lens through which we discern the true idea of God.

Third, in spiritual and immortal forms of beauty and goodness” 

Spiritual forms of beauty and goodness include such qualities as kindness, mercy, purity, integrity, and so on, and they are discernible through spiritual sense. When we discern spiritual qualities as constituting the only real identity of ourselves and others, they become apparent in better health and morals. That is Christian Science healing—current-day proof of the divine Truth Jesus taught and demonstrated. 

Let Truth be put on record in your life. Let it illumine your consciousness, be reflected in your life, and appear in “spiritual and immortal forms of beauty and goodness.” Send your testimonies of healing to The Christian Science Publishing Society so that the healing power of Truth you have experienced can be put on record in the Journal or its sister publications—the Christian Science Sentinel and The Herald of Christian Science. This will not only encourage our readers, giving them hope of progress and healing, but fulfill the promise we make as Christian Scientists to “not be made to forget nor to neglect [our] duty to God, to [our] Leader, and to mankind” (Mary Baker Eddy, Manual of The Mother Church, p. 42).

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