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Epilepsy healed

From the July 2016 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When I was a freshman in college, I began having what were called epileptic seizures. These seizures were severe, and I was taken to a doctor, who diagnosed this medical issue and prescribed medication that would hopefully hold the condition in check, but not cure it.

The medicine was strong and tough on my body, with no guarantee that it would work or continue to work satisfactorily. I was told this was the best that the medical community could do for me. I was not yet aware of Christian Science, and since I had no apparent alternatives, I took the medicine for several years.

My parents and family had provided me with a fairly strong Christian upbringing. It began to bother me that I had this problem and that there was apparently nothing I could do except take the medicine and hope it would continue to work. During the next three years of college, I took some religion classes in an effort to better understand my religion and hopefully learn a better way to live my life with this problem. It also came to me that I had been taught from the Bible that God, the all-knowing and all-doing, created all that was created, and all of it was good. I also knew God’s creation was finished. That meant to me that God created and governed man. His work was done. It made no sense to me that God would knowingly create man, but that man could be a failure and eventually die.

During this time period, while still in college, I met a friend who had close relatives who were practicing Christian Scientists. These people gave me a copy of the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. I began reading the book and found it very enlightening. It answered a lot of my questions and created more questions.

After I graduated from college, I began working. My employer required a copy of my medical history and approved it as long as my apparent problem was under control and didn’t affect my work. My interest in Christian Science continued to grow; I wanted to be healed of epilepsy and stop taking medication. 

I continued to read and study the textbook and the other writings of Mrs. Eddy, and to attend a branch Church of Christ, Scientist. During this time I became confident that I had been healed. I stopped taking the medicine that I had been taking for several years, and I suffered no mental or physical issues after I stopped. Before, if I had forgotten to take the medication for some reason, I would feel out of sorts.

Some time later, my company asked me if there were any changes to my medical history, on account of the prior report of epilepsy. I told them that I had stopped taking my medication and felt that I was healed. They then asked me to have some testing done by their medical staff. They sent me to a hospital’s testing facility in a large nearby city, where thorough testing was performed. The tests showed that I was completely clear of any problems. There was no indication that I had ever had epilepsy.

I was freed from epilepsy as I read through the Christian Science textbook, and I am so grateful.

Sheldon Lieberg
Sheboygan, Wisconsin, US

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