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My Supportive Church Family

From the May 2010 issue of The Christian Science Journal

FOR ME, CHURCH MEANS a family. Church members' love for others and healing work makes church alive. This love, demonstration, and healing displayed by my fellow church members, helped my family rebuild after a fire destroyed our grocery store.

In November 2008, my parents' grocery store—and only family business—caught fire. As that store was the only source of income for my family, the next day the newspapers wrote negative news on this tragedy. When I was standing in front of the burned shop, I recalled a line from the Christian Science Hymnal: "No ill,—since God is good, and loss is gain" (Mary Baker Eddy, No. 207). With this line, I could feel that God was good and that He would never allow any harmful situation to happen to us. So, this seeming loss had to return back in gain. There was no other option. This feeling encouraged me to turn back to God and stop looking at the burned shop completely.

Although my other family members were not Christian Scientists, I called a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful support. Following the practitioner's instructions, I studied the Scriptures deeply. While I was reading the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, there was one line about how not even the smell of fire touched them (see Dan. 3:27). I understood this to mean that there were no ill effects from our incident and that our family's business remained completely intact. From the story of Nehemiah, I loved that he never gave up on building the wall to save his own people. In the same way, I was inspired to help own family by seeking all my help from God. The story of the Shunammite also uplifted me a lot, especially the sentence, "It is well" (II Kings 4:26). The basic idea, which inspired me, was the conviction of the Shunammite. She never admitted that her son was dead. She was seeking help from God, so in her own way, she never explained her problem to anyone else. After reading these passages, my tears dried and I confidently moved out of the room to comfort everyone. That inspiration has never left me.

After a day or two, I took lift from two church members to attend a Wednesday night testimony meeting. I felt so loved because church was the only place where I understood that this fire couldn't touch or destroy any Godlike qualities that were existent in my family. I knew the only thing that could result from this fire was healing.

After the testimony meeting, a Christian Science practitioner and her husband visited my home to meet my family so they could bring the light of hope in their hearts. Church members reassured my family that there was no loss in God's kingdom and that God would compensate for everything that seemed to be lost. After this meeting, I was so happy because my father could finally sleep peacefully after a night of turmoil.

With the help of church members' prayers, my family was able to make a new and better shop within six months. The supportive atmosphere I received at church was very encouraging. My father always had a positive viewpoint toward Christian Science, but while rebuilding the shop through prayer, it inspired him to take help from a Christian Science practitioner. My father became so grateful to Christian Science that he started donating money to the church's lecture fund every month.

Church was the only place where I understood that this fire couldn't touch or destroy any Godlike qualities that were existent in my family.

Last year, when our family's grocery store had a big fire, my sister-in-law, Jyoti, was supporting every person in the family through prayer. Jyoti was so stable and I was very much inspired by her strength. Her strength at the time of the fire was commendable. Nobody could guess that something happened at our family's store from the look on her face. She was so calm. After the fire, she was praying silently with the help of a Christian Science practitioner. Her church family also supported us with their prayers. She told everyone that there is no loss in God's kingdom. When Jyoti said this, I was surprised. I said, 'How can there be no loss?' Jyoti explained to me that the loss that seemed real to us is unreal because it doesn't belong to God. All the family members were watching the empty vessel, but she was watching the store as a filled vessel. She explained that if we look diligently to God, He will compensate all the losses in our lives. This is what happened within six months when we were able to rebuild our family's store.

God gave strength to every person in our home. I really appreciate Christian Science for all of this. I had a curiosity to know what Christian Science was at this time. My sister-in-law's stability, demonstration, and her healings attracted me to the Christian Science church. I have been attending the Chandigarh Christian Science Society for the last year and half, and I became a member in January.

After the fire, my daughter told me not to take it to heart and that God was with us. The Christian Science practitioner's words were that God is the only judge. Church members told me there is no loss in God's kingdom. These lines led me to see amazing results, which I never expected. We won a long-standing income tax case, got insurance money, and got our family business back without any loss. I am so grateful for Christian Science because it helped me and my family to regain strength and to rebuild our shop. We are blessed abundantly.

I always used to hear from our daughter about healing work through prayers. But at the time of the fire accident at our shop, Christian Science helped us a lot. Our daughter's trust in God, and her church member's uplifting messages, encouraged us to start rebuilding a new shop with a hope that God would meet our needs. And it really happened that we could rebuild a new shop. I am so grateful toward God. Now, I read monthly translated Hindi Bible Lessons, and other translated articles, which help me in my daily routine life.

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