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Christian Science Nurse Notes

Christian Science nurses share insights about their worldwide caring mission.

The Christ—our advocate

The Christ shows us that our God-given identity is wholly good and spiritual—the exact likeness of divine Love.

Practical health care for humanity

Christian Science nursing is much more comprehensive and extensive in its means than one may at first think.

Ready to respond

Spiritual readiness is a concept that permeates the first part of the By-Law for the Christian Science nurse, in the Manual of The Mother Church by Mary Baker Eddy (see p. 49).

Nursing with love divine

How a prayer to love divinely launched a healing career.

A ‘servant’ of divine Love

Where a mortal, finite, and suffering sense of life appears, Christian Science nurses exercise their spiritual discernment.

Making space for grace

The healing link of grace.

The Truth that frees

Spiritual receptivity informs this Christian Science nurse’s ministry, and it led to a quick healing when her elderly father fell during a trip.

Safe in the ‘secret place’

In the midst of a car accident, this Christian Science nurse bears witness immediately to goodness and protection.

Pour in the truth

A Christian Science nurse from Germany explains what keeps her motivated and what she sees as essential to her work.

Praying to have the Mind of Christ

In caring for patients, the Christian Science nurse follows Jesus’ example of unwavering trust in God.