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Practice, Practice, Practice

All about the healing practice of Christian Science: how healing happens, lessons learned, and ideas from Christian Scientists, including those in the public practice.

Today is a divine adventure

Each day we can cherish new opportunities to beautifully behold God’s goodness all around us.

An outing to the nail salon turns into an opportunity for spiritual growth.

A frat ceremony, and a simple prayer

This writer chose not to drink throughout college—but then he was part of a ceremony that had alcohol as a centerpiece. Read how his prayers brought about a perfect solution.

‘The first idol’

Most of us aren’t guilty of carving and worshipping idols—so what does it mean to honor the Second Commandment today?

Floor design and...healing?

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere!

Love—always the perfect fit

Have you ever thought about how God’s love fits each of us perfectly?

'Restart' with God

“What is going on?” I said to myself. “Nothing makes sense! Why is the computer doing this?”

A little extra effort

Life’s all about spiritual development.

Tares can't harm the wheat

No erroneous suggestion can disturb our freedom, good health, or joy.

To bee or not to bee

Facing a bee infestation, this writer turned to prayer ... and received a helpful answer.