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Practice, Practice, Practice

All about the healing practice of Christian Science: how healing happens, lessons learned, and ideas from Christian Scientists, including those in the public practice.

Seeing matter as an impostor

From trying to change matter—to living as unchanging Being.

Are you praying for the world?

How to get started if you think you don’t have time to pray for the world.

Moving cross-country, proving God’s care

A tight deadline for a cross-country move provides an opportunity for the author to see God’s active care expressed in her life.

The function of praise

This author finds praise is the outward expression of heartfelt gratitude.

Remembering a healing

Testifying at a Wednesday evening meeting reminds this author of Christian Science’s immediate healing effects.

A unity built on Love

Prayer that highlights the spiritual basis of unity.

God’s help on the job

When an employee faces what seems an impossible task, prayer reveals God’s presence and care, which brings solutions.

A flood in the basement conjures up the spiritual significance of  Noah’s ark.

Questions for a disciple

Touching down on true discipleship—and what it really means.

Sovereign authority

With the “mind of Christ,” we have the authority to reject the “carnal mind.”