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Teachers Talk

Thoughts on the study and practice of Christian Science, from those who teach it.

Focus on the view

Sometimes we can quicken our spiritual progress simply by being grateful for what God has already shown us.

Watching the swallows and swifts

Every spring, it’s always a special joy to welcome the summer visitors back to the United Kingdom from Africa—the swallows, swifts, and house martins.

A simple treatment

One short, spiritually inspired sentence and a hearty laugh, healed this writer of the flu and changed his entire life.

Honor the one Boss

Have you ever noticed an internal voice bossing you around and encouraging your thinking to go negative? 

Above the fog

Rather than letting mists of fear, resentment, and envy slow down our daily life, we can rise above them.

Special delivery: Grace!

Annoyed with one more task on her to-do list, this writer finds that a pause to grow in grace leads to needs being met.

Equipped for life

If any one of us feels confused about the road ahead after taking Christian Science class instruction, we can unload what troubles us in prayer to God—and find we are able to go forward.

Getting ‘unstuck’

Our prayers are effective, even if it’s sometimes hard to see the evidence. 

The first step in healing

Allaying fear first, by understanding God, goes a long way toward solving any problem.

God’s the one with the overview

God always lovingly organizes and directs our lives—our job is to reflect Him, listen for His guidance, and follow it.