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What Sunday School meant to me

Sunday School “graduates,” both recent and not-so-recent, share inspiring memories and insights from their participation in this Church Manual-based activity.

As a new Sunday School teacher, the writer prayed that God would show her how to teach effectively.

A message from a Sunday School teacher she’ll never forget. 

Sweet memories of my Sunday School days

I have sweet memories of my days in the Christian Science Sunday School, growing up in Cuba.

A gift that lasts a lifetime

A winter day, a frozen lake, and a lifetime of listening to God!

Beyond an intellectual quest

A Sunday School teacher shares his thoughts.

The healing that started it all

By the time she was a teenager, this writer had decided that Christian Science just wasn’t her “thing.” But a Sunday School teacher’s simple questions changed that.

‘You couldn’t keep me away’

He loved Sunday School because “what I was learning about God had substance.”