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Testimonies of Healing

Verification of Healings

The healings we publish are verified by people who can vouch for the testifier or who know of the healing. Examples of Christian healing from individuals and families around the world have been published in the Christian Science periodicals for well over a century.

The most recently-published testimonies are at the top.

Facial growth gone

I wish to testify to a complete and very rapid healing of a facial tumor. When a growth appeared on my face last year and grew larger over a period of five months, it was a wake-up call to turn my thought to our real, spiritual source—divine Mind.

A project progresses with prayer

“You must make this work—I don’t want to hear that it can’t be done. This is too big a project and too much money is involved.

Stroke symptoms healed

It is with much gratitude and joy that I share a recent healing I experienced through faith and trust in God’s care and love for me and all mankind. During the month of January it is my practice to gather documents and records to submit to my accountant to prepare for tax returns.

A case of mental surgery

Several years ago, a tumor appeared on my shoulder. I had been sunburned very badly when I was a boy, and now, a few decades later, the thought came to me that I might be suffering from that experience.

Feeling God’s love brings healing

I have been a student of Christian Science for a long time, and when I am faced with problems, I regularly turn to God in prayer for help. And I look to the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson to find God and spiritual truth.

A quick healing in the night

Recently, I woke up with a start in the middle of the night. My throat was suddenly sore.

Alarming physical condition healed

I feel very fortunate to have been brought up in a Christian Science home. Although I drifted away from Science several times in my youth, all through adulthood I have had many healings as a result of practicing it, and none has been more appreciated than the one I relate here.

An end to periods of immobility and pain

I offer this testimony as encouragement to anyone praying about a long-standing difficulty. Some years ago, I struggled with immobility and intense pain for periods ranging from several weeks to a couple of months.

Injured ankle healed

One day this past summer, I was carrying my son down a small flight of stairs. On the last step, my shoe slipped and I stepped down awkwardly on my ankle and felt it crack.

Healing of an eye injury

It is with great joy that I share my appreciation for Christian Science and the healing power of prayer. Last summer while living at my remote cabin on an island in the Bering Sea, off Alaska, I injured my eye when a bungee cord I was attaching to my all-terrain vehicle came off and hit my eye with full force.