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Testimonies of Healing

Verification of Healings

The healings we publish are verified by people who can vouch for the testifier or who know of the healing. Examples of Christian healing from individuals and families around the world have been published in the Christian Science periodicals for well over a century.

The most recently-published testimonies are at the top.

Daughter’s healing after biking incident

Through prayer and reliance on God, our family shared in a wonderful healing during the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday. My daughter, Ella, and I were taking a bike ride to the store.

Two Healings from One Bible Lesson

It was the beginning of a week-long business trip. I was on a transcontinental flight heading for the East Coast of the United States and reading the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson when I strongly felt that I needed to pray for our son.

Freed from pain in arms

Some time ago I paddled an incredibly beautiful stretch of the Wisconsin River with a friend. The day was gorgeous, the wildlife abundant, and my new boat light and responsive.

Injured ankle healed

After retirement from a long career, it came time to disperse our large collection of household belongings to family members in various locations across the country. That included setting up a small rental house in order to be near our brand-new twin grandchildren.

Heart renewed

I had a remarkable experience several years ago. In the weeks prior to this I had been reading Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and had gained a great sense of freedom and inspiration from this study.

Lump dissolves quickly through prayer

The following experience took place several years ago.   I had been feeling some discomfort, and one day I discovered a large, painful lump in the lower part of my body.

Child healed of burns

When our son was just a toddler, he had a healing of a severe burn. It was lunchtime, and I was bringing our food from the kitchen to the dining room table.

Healing During Pregnancy

A few years ago, my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child. We were thrilled! The pregnancy went along smoothly for the first two months, and we were feeling great.

Overcoming adverse effects of flying

Last year I was planning to fly from Australia to London to visit my daughter. Before booking the flight, I knew I needed to pray.

Challenging the pain, finding healing

It was 3:00 a. m.