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The Christian Science Journal Directory

The Christian Science Journal Directory is a listing of Christian Science Practitioners, Teachers, Churches, Societies, Reading Rooms, College Organizations, Committees on Publication, and Military Chaplains, as well as Christian Science Nurses, Christian Science Nursing Facilities, and Visiting Christian Science Nurse Services, worldwide. The Directory is available online and in the back of each month's issue of The Christian Science Journal. The online Directory contains listings for Christian Science Informal Groups and forming Christian Science College Organizations, which are not included in the print Directory.

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Legal note: Christian Science Journal Directory advertisers have provided their contact information for the purposes of offering their services. Please be respectful and only use this contact information for this purpose. Harvesting of personal data, including contact information, for other purposes may violate applicable privacy and data protection laws. In some jurisdictions, you may not lawfully market to or solicit the individuals listed in the Christian Science Journal Directory without their express consent. 

However, all those listed here consent to receiving relevant communications from branches of The Mother Church.

Christian Science Practitioners (CS) & Teachers (CSB)

The men and women who advertise in these pages represent that they are devoted full-time to helping others through the prayer-based system explained in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, experienced in the healing ministry of Christian Science, and available to give treatment through prayer for life challenges.

Additional services may include office visits, in-home or care facility visits, and answers to questions about Christian Science by phone, email, or written correspondence. Those who contact a practitioner listed in this directory do not have to be Christian Scientists or attend church. The services offered by practitioners are available to the public.

Practitioners and teachers are self-employed. Fees and payment are determined by the individual practitioner and should be discussed prior to engaging their services.

Class Instruction From a Christian Science Teacher (CSB)

Those interested in learning an in-depth and systematic approach to practicing the method of healing explained in Science and Health may want to take a course of instruction from a practitioner who is also an authorized Christian Science teacher.

Application requirements, as well as when and where instruction is given, the format of the class sessions, and costs should be discussed directly with the teacher.

CS: Practitioner

CSB: Practitioner who has completed a Normal class of the Christian Science Board of Education

CSB (Teacher): Currently available to teach Primary class instruction in Christian Science

Christian Science Services & Reading Rooms

Everyone is welcome to attend services and other activities at Churches of Christ, Scientist, and Christian Science Societies.

Sunday services provide an opportunity for prayer and for listening to a Bible Lesson-Sermon in an atmosphere that promotes healing. This Lesson-Sermon is composed of citations from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

Sunday School is an activity for young people up to the age of twenty. Pupils learn of God's love for them, and how the spiritual and moral teachings of the Bible and Science and Health can help them every day, in every situation.

Wednesday evening meetings are a midweek pause for prayer, for listening to readings from the Bible and Science and Health, and for people to share remarks and testimonies of healing that come from the study and practice of Christian Science.

Christian Science Reading Rooms are places to explore the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy (including Science and Health) and other Bible materials and Christian Science publications. Reading Rooms are resources for personal growth, health, and spiritual discovery. Publications are available for purchase.

In addition, Christian Science Informal Groups provide a way for people to come together for public worship and mutual support in areas where there isn’t a Branch Church or Society. These Groups have a very flexible structure, so please call or email ahead for meeting times and locations. (Please note that while Informal Groups will show in the online Journal Directory, they will not show in the print version.)  

Christian Science Nurses

The standard for the Christian Science nurse is found in the Manual of The Mother Church, page 49, Article VIII, Section 31.

Individuals listed in The Christian Science Journal Directory are experienced Christian Scientists who are prepared to provide spiritual reassurance and skillful practical care to those receiving Christian Science treatment for healing. Christian Science nursing includes assistance with bathing, care for wounds, support with mobility, preparation and modification of food, and other activities that meet the patient’s need. It does not include diagnosis or medical treatment, such as medication or physical therapy, or material remedies of any sort. [A scope of services for the Christian Science nurse can be found at]

Christian Science nurses can be contacted directly by phone or email. Each one determines their individual charges, so please discuss payment with any Christian Science nurse you contact. References may also be requested before engaging them.

NOTE: Christian Science nurses who are able to travel to cases will have the appropriate travel icon(s) in their advertisement.

Accredited Christian Science Nursing Facilities/Organizations

Christian Science nursing facilities offer a sanctuary where an individual’s desire to rely on Christian Science treatment for healing is upheld by the spiritual reassurance and practical, physical care given by Christian Science nurses. Visiting Christian Science Nursing Services employ Christian Science nurses who provide care in homes for short visits, usually a few hours or less. In the list of accredited organizations, some are specifically identified as visiting services. A number of organizations offer both home visits and facility care. Each of these organizations listed in this section is not-for-profit, independently operated, and accredited by The Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc.. You can find more information about each facility at the Commission’s website Each organization sets its own fees. Please contact the organization directly for information about services, fees, and payment options.

Christian Science Organizations at Universities and Colleges

Christian Science Organizations are bridges, bringing together those on a college campus who are searching for spiritual perspective. Their activities are letting in the light of Christian healing on community needs. Forming and conducting a college or university organization is the outcome of seeking and praying. CSOs are started by an individual or group of Mother Church members who are students, faculty members, and instructors on university campuses.

To learn what CSOs are doing around the world and to share how you're praying and thinking about issues on your campus, check out

There are no charges for qualified CSOs to advertise in this directory. If you have questions about forming, conducting or participating in a CSO, or need to make a change to an existing CSO listing, please contact:


Phone:1-800-288-7090 x3700
or 617-450-3700 (outside USA & Canada)

Committees on Publication

Committees on Publication are practicing students of Christian Science throughout the world who are appointed to provide accurate information and to correct misunderstandings about Christian Science in the public through the media and government law-making. Individuals may contact the Committee in their jurisdiction (country, province, state) by phone, fax, or e-mail.

Kevin Ness, Manager
Committees on Publication
The First Church of Christ, Scientist
210 Massachusetts Ave, P09-10
Boston, MA 02115 USA
To contact the Manager's Office, email:

Contact and advertising information

For general inquiries for The Mother Church.
Phone: 617-450-2000

For changes to Directory advertisements for CS Practitioners/Teachers,
CS Nurses, Branch Churches, Societies, Informal Groups, and Reading Rooms:
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Fax: 617-450-2893

To apply to advertise as a Christian Science Practitioner, visit:

To request the removal of a Christian Science Practitioner advertisement, contact:
Phone: 617-450-2484

To apply to advertise as a Christian Science Nurse, visit:

To request the removal of a Christian Science Nurse advertisement, contact:
Phone: 617-450-2685

For requests for applications to advertise or for the removal of advertisements, for Branch Churches, Societies, Informal Groups, and Reading Rooms

Phone: 617-450-3468
Fax: 617-450-2071


Primary custom listing (includes online): $480 per year

Primary standard listing (includes online) $418 per year

Secondary listing (includes online) $362 per year $181 for six months

Metro Region listing $182 per year

Teacher cross-reference (CSBs only) $182 per year

Permanent relocation cross-reference $90 for six months

Church/Society with one Reading Room $575 per year

Society without a Reading Room $418 per year

Additional Reading Room $157 per year

Joint Reading Room $418 per year

Permanent Cross-Reference (Church/Society only) $182 per year

Service charge for listing change $30 flat fee per request

Credit card payments accepted: 617-450-2877

All charges are payable upon receipt of account statement. Refunds will not be made to advertisers who request removal of unexpired listings. If an advertiser is unable to pay or would like to remove his or her card, please call 617-450-2877 or send an email to


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