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Putting it on Record

Listen to interviews with Christian Science teachers and practitioners, Christian Science nurses and other Christian Scientists who share what they have learned in their study and practice of Christian Science. They share insights on a variety of topics as well as their healings that “put on record the divine Science of Truth” (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 353).

Audio Programs

Getting to know God through His Word

 John talks about understanding the spiritual interpretation of Scripture and how this correct understanding of Bible teaching enables one to prove God’s healing power.

Being a Blessing to others

Ken discovered the joy of blessing others, and it healed him.

Real Freedom

Laura discusses what true freedom is and how to find it.

Rejecting the allure of disease

Phil shows us how to defend ourselves against any worldly thinking that would say disease is real, unavoidable or even desirable.  And this sure defense brings healing.

Serving Church

Cate shares some insights into how we can best serve our church and experience the blessings this service brings.