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What Membership in The Mother Church means to me

Being a church member is exciting and rewarding. Find out how others have energized their membership.

‘If you believe in Christian Science …’

Joining with The Mother Church is a unique and wonderful experience.

I'd never left

She wrote to The Mother Church asking if she could reapply. But what happened next?

Adventures in the service of God

Making the commitment of membership in The Mother Church doesn’t mean “missing all the fun.”

No need to sit on the fence

Joining The Mother Church is a way of affirming our support of Christian Science, and strengthening our commitment to healing.

'A productive, inspiring course'

A co-worker's encouragement leads this writer to consider Mother Church membership for the first time.

A band of consecrated Christians

All the prayers of all of the members of The Mother Church around the world were supporting me.

More than a location

Being a member of The Mother Church is much bigger than having a membership card or being on a mailing list.

In good standing

He wears his membership like an "invisible badge of honor" across his heart.

Connected to a worldwide movement

Vividly I remember the moment many years ago when I put my name on my membership application for The Mother Church. Suddenly I felt connected to this worldwide movement. 

'Beneath the shadow of a great rock'

The support that’s needed on our spiritual journey can be found in church membership.

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