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Learning from what Jesus said

Jesus spoke with authority

I have taught Christian Science Sunday School for many years and continue to learn from being there. Presently I teach first- and second-graders, and whenever a healing appears in the weekly Bible Lesson, I ask them, “What did Christ Jesus say to the person healed?”  Understanding man as God’s very image and likeness, Jesus was able to dismiss disease as an illusion.

The significance of two or three

The small Christian Science Society of which I am a member is actively seeking ways to more effectively serve our local community. Currently, I’m serving as its First Reader.

Two uplifting insights

Even when we are familiar with statements of Christ Jesus, we can find his words opening up in fresh and inspiring ways in our thought. God, Spirit, sheds new light on them.

Healing ideas from the tares and the wheat

The parable of the tares and the wheat (see Matthew 13:24–30, 36–43 ) can help us see the permanency and abundant prosperity of man as God’s perfect image, pure, innocent, free, and strong. Studying this parable, letting it speak to us, and seeing its application to our own lives can increase our knowledge of God and bring peace and healing.