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"A commitment of the heart"

From the September 1993 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"In college, I was exposed to Christian Science and I was quite taken with it because of the healing aspect. I began to see that Christian Science was practicing the healing that Jesus taught. Shortly thereafter, I applied for membership in The Mother Church.

"I now see that what I united with as a healing aspect of Christianity was really a commitment of the heart and mind to have the mind and the understanding that Christ Jesus had. Church membership is a daily thing with me. It's a constant. I'm never away from it."

from a member of The Mother Church

If you're interested in learning more about membership in The Mother Church, feel free to write or call:
Clerk, The First Church of Christ, Scientist
175 Huntington Avenue, A-172
Boston, MA, U.S.A. 02115-3187

Telephone 1-800-288-7155 (U.S. and Canada) (617) 450-2000. Collect (reverse charge) calls are accepted.