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MBE Mentioned Them

Inspired by the book, Mary Baker Eddy Mentioned Them, from The Christian Science Publishing Society

Mary Baker Eddy mentioned over 180 individuals in her published writings, many of whom are well known today, and others less so––Ptolemy, Jahr, Polycarp, Louis Agassiz, Florence Nightingale ... and many more! From mathematicians and astronomers to historians and philanthropists, Christian Scientists from a wide range of backgrounds and experience share some historical facts, some thoughts of their own, and of course what Mary Baker Eddy said about these people.

Audio Programs

MBE mentioned Katherine Hankey: Episode-43

Mary Baker Eddy mentions Kate Hankey in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany on page 15. In this Journal podcast James Spencer shares some background on Hankey’s life and the writing of her two-part poem, “The Old, Old Story.”

Mary Baker Eddy mentions Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (spelled Leibnitz in two of Mary Baker Eddy's writings). In this Journal podcast, professional mathematician Ted Pettis examines Leibniz’s lifework as a philosopher, statesman, and mathematician.

MBE mentioned Samuel Langley: Episode-41

Mary Baker Eddy mentions and quotes astronomer Samuel Pierpont Langley in Rudimental Divine Science on page 6. In this Journal podcast Christian Science practitioner and former NASA engineer Ann Van Tassel gives context to that passage by sharing a brief biography of Langley and his pioneer work in the fields of astronomy, physics, and aeronautics.

MBE mentioned St. Augustine: Episode-40

Mary Baker Eddy mentions Christian theologian St. Augustine in her Prose Works. In this Journal podcast history professor and scholar Greg Sandford provides a brief biography of Augustine and gives context to Mrs. Eddy’s statement: “Of the ancient writers since the first century of the Christian era perhaps none lived a more devout Christian life up to his highest understanding than St. Augustine.” (Message to The Mother Church for 1901, p. 28)

MBE Mentioned Dr. Benjamin Rush: Episode-39

Mary Baker Eddy mentions Dr. Benjamin Rush in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures on page 162. In this Journal podcast Susan Stark gives context to that passage by sharing a brief biography on Rush, described by Mrs. Eddy as “the famous Philadelphia teacher of medical practice.”