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MBE Mentioned Them

Inspired by the book, Mary Baker Eddy Mentioned Them, from The Christian Science Publishing Society

Mary Baker Eddy mentioned over 180 individuals in her published writings, many of whom are well known today, and others less so––Ptolemy, Jahr, Polycarp, Louis Agassiz, Florence Nightingale ... and many more! From mathematicians and astronomers to historians and philanthropists, Christian Scientists from a wide range of backgrounds and experience share some historical facts, some thoughts of their own, and of course what Mary Baker Eddy said about these people.

Audio Programs

MBE Mentioned Galileo Galilei: Episode-38

Mary Baker Eddy mentions Galileo in her Prose Works. In this Journal podcast Christian Science practitioner and teacher Mary Alice Rose shares a brief overview of his accomplishments, as well as the lessons we can take away from his downfalls.

MBE Mentioned William Lloyd Garrison: Episode-37

Mary Baker Eddy mentions social reformer and abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison in Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896 on page 237. In this Journal podcast The Christian Science Monitor’s Abraham McLaughlin maps out some thought-provoking parallels between the lives and missions of Mrs. Eddy and Mr. Garrison.

MBE Mentioned A. Bronson Alcott: Episode-36

Mary Baker Eddy mentions educator and reformer Amos Bronson Alcott in Pulpit and Press on page 5. In this Journal podcast author Heather Vogel Frederick gives context to that passage by sharing a brief overview of Alcott’s life, his correspondence with Mrs. Eddy, and his interest in Christian Science.

MBE Mentioned B. O. Flower: Episode-35

Mary Baker Eddy mentions social reformer, editor, and journalist B. O. Flower in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany on page 316. In this Journal podcast John Yemma, Editor-at-Large of The Christian Science Monitor, shares some details about Flower and his role as a Progressive Era journalist, including his celebrated defense of Christian Science and Mrs. Eddy.

MBE mentioned Daniel Webster: Episode-34

Mary Baker Eddy mentions and quotes American orator and statesman Daniel Webster in Miscellaneous Writings 18831896 and The People’s Idea of God. In this Journal podcast Gail Russell Chaddock, politics editor in Washington, DC, for The Christian Science Monitor, shares some compelling details about Webster’s life, including his profound skills as an orator and deep love for the Union.