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Only Love's atmosphere

From The Christian Science Journal - June 27, 2012

I would like to express gratitude for an experience that gave me an improved understanding regarding weather. The weather, often defined as “the state of the atmosphere,” seems (to material sense) to be something outside ourselves. But I have learned that the weather or atmospheric conditions are actually perceived in consciousness, and therefore are subject to consciousness.  

When thought blends with God, divine Mind, we cannot be victims of the weather. God has given us dominion “over all the earth” according to Genesis 1:26, and the weather or atmosphere is included in that dominion.

Late one afternoon, my granddaughter and I decided to make a quick trip to the pet store. It was closing shortly, but we had just enough time to drive there and make our purchase. Not far from home, stopped at a red light, I looked up. There in the sky, hovering over the pet store, was a funnel cloud—something I had never seen before, except in photos and on TV. I remembered someone saying earlier in the afternoon that there were tornadoes in the area, and that much damage had been done in several other places.   

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