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When a loved one passes on

From The Christian Science Journal - June 27, 2012

As hard as this may sometimes be to accept, death is only an experience of the observer. For the one actually going through a change or transition from one phase of existence to another, there is an uninterrupted continuity of living that is invisible to the human eye, but discernible to spiritual sense. I, like many, have lost loved ones. Each time it has become more imperative to develop the spirituality that not only allows me to survive the initial feelings of personal loss, but also to discern what is happening through spiritual sense. Spiritual sense alone gives the necessary evidence that, in fact, all is well and will continue to be progressive for the one whom I have lost sight of. Only through the exercise of spiritual sense have I been able to move on from the riveting argument imposed through a false belief that death is an actual end of life.

I study the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson on a daily basis. Recently, we studied a series of Lessons that are among my favorites because they deal with the so-called “mysteries of life”—death . . . the so-called “afterlife” . . . evil . . . and whether or not God is a punishing God—the subjects that tend either to rock one’s faith or push us to go higher and find answers. I have always loved a good mystery—not just for the sake of the story, but because I like to look at things from a new and fresh angle and unravel the truth whenever possible. So the Lesson one particular week on the subject of “Probation After Death” was particularly compelling to me. What touched me in this particular Lesson was the tender way the Bible explains what is really happening when it seems that someone’s life path is interrupted by death, especially when the passing occurs at an “untimely” moment.

It is a privilege to witness each others’ journey, but a limited, human perception won’t always give us satisfying explanations of a mortal sense of things.

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