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You have time to pray

- Teachers Talk

I was standing in the grocery store one day feeling pushed by the clock. And grumpy. The person in front of me was being rude to the checkout clerk. The clerk was trying to keep his cool, but was starting to lose it, too. My thought? “Well, I would pray about this, but I don’t really have time. I will do it later when I get home.”

The thing was, I had been saying that all day. Not only had I neglected praying for myself because of lack of time, but I was pushing off all kinds of things. “I would do this, or I should do that, but I don’t have time. I’ll get to it later.” And the time kept passing, and the pressure kept building, and my mood—along with the attitude of all those around me—was deteriorating.

As things continued heating up in front of me, I started looking around the store for an escape route to a shorter, less volatile line. A sign overhead caught my eye: Self-Checkout. Without budging an inch, I chuckled, thinking, “That is probably what is needed more than anything else—a moment of self-examination!” 

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