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Letters & Conversations


From the December 1893 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My Beloved Teacher :— I was helped and cheered not a little by your most welcome letter of the 19th inst. Some healing demonstrations were reported to me as resulting from the preaching of the sermon you referred to. I also had letters from Scientists who read it in the Journal. I think that you "will be interested to hear of the demonstration of a woman who recently has begun to attend our church. In belief she is poor and one night the rain poured through her leaking roof. She remembered a sermon in which Paul thanked God in the midst of a shipwreck. So she then and there denied the evidence of the senses and realized that in truth she lacked nothing. Next day she met a relative whom she had not seen for a long time. He asked particularly about her and before he left her, told her to have the roof and house put in thorough repair, and fill her cellar with coal and wood for the winter and send the bills to him. Another woman sixty-three years old who is a washerwoman heard a few months ago of Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures and took her last dollar to buy it, leaving only ten cents in her purse. She says that the money has been made up to her from unexpected sources many times over. She walks several miles to the Friday evening meetings after washing all day, and walks back and puts the ten cents saved from car fares in the contribution box. She is a refined-looking little woman, and it is wonderful to hear her read the references from Science and Health. She does it with such fervor and earnestness and yet so quietly and reverently. Her face is an inspiration to me when I am preaching. She came to us from the Unitarian church. I am treating absently a physician and professor in Zurich, Switzerland. He was a distinguished specialist on insanity, and is now in belief hopelessly insane. His wife has heard of Christian Science and through her sister asked me to treat him. The doctors have given him up and he takes no medicine of any kind.

Your affectionate student,

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