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From the January 1894 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Do we ever stop to consider why it is that "Science and Health, With Key to the Scriptures" is unlike any other book ever written? why it is that the reading of it never becomes monotonous? why it is that new ideas are constantly being gleaned from it, that the longer one reads it, the more interesting and instructive it becomes? why it is that with this reading comes a higher sense of peace and happiness, enabling us to overcome trials and temptations that before seemed insurmountable? why it is that the so-called ignorant and unlearned can grasp its Truth and be healed by it, and that, oftentimes far more readily than the highly educated? why it is that the foreigner who can scarcely read or speak a sentence of the English language, can read and interpret its spiritual meaning? The reason is plain. Back of every statement contained in this "little book" is the true idea of God, man, and the universe; not some one's opinion, supposition, or theory, but the one true idea of them, that idea which is as eternal and unchangeable as God himself, and which speaks to this age in a new tongue.