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From the September 1899 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It is sometimes asked, If Christian Science be true, why did God wait so long before revealing it? Why were we left in darkness—if indeed it was darkness to suffer, to struggle, and to fail, if it all leads to no result? Why, indeed? Why have innocent children been allowed to die or to suffer for the sins of their parents by worse than death? Why have consecrated saints been tortured physically and mentally by the relentless hands of disease and despair? Why has a loving and a just God permitted it all, standing helpless "at our right hand" or "covering us with his feathers" in vain? Let us consider these things: clearly there is fault. The question is, does it lie with God or with the world? Nearly two thousand years ago in a lowly town of Judæa, a babe of humble parentage was born.