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During the winter of 1911 I was...

From the April 1918 issue of The Christian Science Journal

During the winter of 1911 I was seized with severe pain in the loins and legs. I was forced to remain in bed, and to call in a doctor, who diagnosed my case as internal neuralgia. As I was suffering greatly I asked if he could not give me something to take the pain away, but he said no, that nothing except injections of morphine would give relief. After several days, as I was no better, my wife asked me why I did not try Christian Science, since I had seen the good it had done our mother and herself. I then asked her to write to a Christian Scientist in Paris for help and I laid aside all medicines. The doctor had told me I would be sick a long time and must remain in bed, but after a few days of Christian Science treatment the pain disappeared and I was able to get up. At the end of a month I was completely healed, and in spite of the predictions of my friends the pain has never returned. I have had many ailments since, which have disappeared through the help in Christian Science given me by some member of my family. I can now help myself.

I had never read the Bible, but now I study the Lesson-Sermon every day with my wife, who translates "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy for me into French. My comfort is to read the little French pamphlets. I am better morally, for before I knew Christian Science I was very irritable, so I am very happy over the little I know of this teaching. I thank Mrs. Eddy from the bottom of my heart for having given us Christian Science, and also thank all those who devote themselves to helping their fellow men.—

I can add to my husband's testimony that besides the many proofs Christian Science has given us in case of sickness, it is precious to us in all the circumstances of life. The war caught us without any money— not only us, but relatives who are under our care; however, Christian Science helped us. Having passed through the war of 1870 and the Commune, and living as we do on a highroad along which the flight of the frightened refugees reminded me of those sad days, I lived through dark hours, and in spite of my dear ones' efforts I could not get hold of myself. I had laid our Christian Science literature aside and devoured the newspapers, which did not help me at all, but in my moral and physical distress I again turned to God and to the study of Christian Science, and this was my salvation. Now I know that we are all the children of one Father, God. Not only have we lacked nothing, but we have been able to help others more unfortunate than ourselves and to see that God is the source of supply for all our needs.