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From the April 1918 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The activities of so-called mortal mind, expressed as pride, selfishness, and fear, constitute the sense-dream inheritance which is corruptible, defiled, and which, through the operation of Christian Science, will finally pass away. Mortal mind can neither give us that which is good nor take it away; it does not touch reality. The silly arguments of suppositional evil cannot mesmerize a child of God into believing in them when they are met with the truth of being. They are not based on law; they proceed not from God, and have neither mind nor body, energy nor law, hence no real or rightful existence. Error can only seem to be real by getting us to believe in it; and by this false belief its fictitious existence is seemingly perpetuated day by day, and mortals become resigned to its argument. Every one who makes a righteous protest against false suggestion, realizing his oneness with good, is coming out from under falsely asserted law. He is no longer being governed by it, but by the law of God, good, the gracious rule, or mode of action, of divine Mind.

Christian Science shows us how to attain to man's heritage in Mind, our birthright of reflection, which is indeed the true possession. In a message to the Concord church, our dear Leader has given us the rule by which to work, when she says (Miscellany, p. 160): "To live so as to keep human consciousness in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is Christian Science." This is, indeed, attaining to the divine sonship, the realization of true being. The action of Truth is always spontaneous and effective; it needs only to be rightly understood and applied. Mind made man, and made him perfect and harmonious. We must know this always, reflect Love, rest in God, and not express fear. We must know no man after the flesh, but know man only as image or reflection. If man was never born in matter he never lived in it, and is not bound nor disturbed by any illusion or false sense about him. By seeing and destroying the hidden undertow, so to speak, of family and personal thought tendencies, one is freed from any conscious or unconscious sense of limitations in the line of least resistance, which may oppose itself to the spiritual sense of ourselves.

God and the manifestation of His infinite being are all that really exist, and this does not admit of any human conception or comparison. Consciousness, held steadfast in this realization, is in God, and the human desires and affections are purified by divine Love. Mortal mind has neither mind nor intelligence. It has no consciousness of the real man, or of anything that is real and good,— that is, of God's creation, though it would induce us to believe that substance is material, organized matter, cells, tissue, and not spiritual reflection. A dream seems very true until one awakes, but this dream is manifestly no part of man's existence. We need constantly to know that since God is ever present we can never be separated from Him; for only as we thus know God can we uncover and destroy evil.

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