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Testimonies of Healing

Verification of Healings

These healings are verified by people who can vouch for the testifier or who know of the healing. Examples of Christian healing from individuals and families around the world have been published in the Christian Science periodicals for well over 125 years.

Damaged foot healed

Last year as my adult son was about to go out to work, he said he couldn’t find something he needed. We were living together at the time and I offered to help look for it.

Healing of internal disorder

For several years, I struggled with internal pain that was debilitating at times. I curtailed or gave up activities like cycling, hiking, or traveling because sitting or standing for long periods was difficult to do comfortably.

Christ-healing—always accessible

It’s incredibly reassuring to know that we are one with God, as taught and proved by Christ Jesus. Divinely loving, comforting thoughts of good from the one divine Mind naturally permeate our consciousness, even when we’re not fully awake to that oneness.

Prayer heals injured toe

In the fall of 2022 , I attended an event that took place on a beach. When a friend arrived whom I hadn’t seen in a few years, we embraced with a big hug.

Paralysis overcome

Several years ago, I woke up one morning with excruciating pain around my hip area. Within minutes, I was completely paralyzed from the waist down.

No more epilepsy

In my early forties , I became pregnant with my third child. The pregnancy was joyous news.

Medical diagnosis overturned

After I experienced heavy bleeding following a positive pregnancy test, I made an appointment with a doctor to determine if I was still pregnant, as I thought I might have miscarried. I learned I was no longer pregnant, and the doctor, a fertility specialist, said I never would be again unless I put myself wholly under his care.

Baby’s quick recovery after a fall

Motherhood is proving to be an incredible time for me to learn more about our Father-Mother God and how She cares for me and for all of us. I’ve practiced Christian Science my whole life, and it’s been natural to rely on God for my own health.

Pain and swelling gone

About a year ago , I noticed that an area in my abdomen was occasionally painful. I started praying to strengthen my conviction that only the qualities of God can develop within me.

Healing of Twisted ankle

One Sunday morning , I thought it would be fun to go for a run before church. As I was jogging down our steps, I was distracted by something in the street.