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Having for many years received...

From the April 1918 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Having for many years received countless blessings through the gentle ministry of Christian Science, I send my testimony for the comfort of some weary seeker after health and happiness. Several years ago I suffered from sleeplessness and was not able to do any work for a whole year. I tried material remedies, but they all failed me. I used to read the Bible and beseech God to heal me, but there seemed to be no answer, and I sank at last almost into despair. In my case also it was proved, however, that "man's extremity is God's opportunity," for just then I heard for the first time of Christian Science and began to attend the meetings in Stockholm. The message that God is Love, and does not send evil or disease to His creation, brought to me hope and peace, and as I thought of it, when going to bed in the evenings, I soon fell into a refreshing sleep. I also learned that God gives us "grace for to-day" (Science and Health, p. 17), and was able to take up my work again.

Since that time I have enjoyed good health. Minor ailments havebeen overcome quickly through the healing power of Truth and Love, and I have also had the joy of being able to help others. For all this I am very grateful, but still more so for the spiritual blessings received through the study of Christian Science. The Bible is a new book to me, and the Lesson-Sermons give me an abundance of daily bread. I subscribe to and appreciate our good periodicals, which furnish pure food for thought and point out the way of Life. I revere and love Mrs. Eddy, who for this age has demonstrated the healing power of Truth and Love, and gratefully study all her writings, for I am convinced that her teachings are pointing the way for mankind out of darkness into light.—