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My offering is given in the desire...

From the April 1918 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My offering is given in the desire to do for others what has been done for me through our literature. It has often been remarked, How can I be expected to overcome physical pain when the seeming reality is extremely distressing? Having been troubled with two infected fingers, one night I was awakened by throbbing pain. My first thought was to get my Christian Science books and go into another room to read—then the question presented itself, What is pain? The answer came, Just the absence of joy and thanksgiving. As I filled the vessels with the oil of gladness in singing some of the Christian Science hymns, I soon fell asleep. Complete healing followed and both nails grew out in perfect form.

While this is only a small proof, it shows that we have the Principle of this healing truth with us each hour. Our two young children have had remarkable relief when suffering from scarlet fever, measles, nasal growths, and other so-called children's ailments, and we grown-ups have been able to turn from many lusts of the flesh. We are fighting a good fight of honest endeavor and are kept busy making "channels for the streams of love" (Hymnal, p. 89). In our family, defective sight, rheumatism, and broken arches have been healed, while self-pity and condemnation of my brother man have been overcome.

I stand only as one of the vast army freed from mental slavery by the teachings of our revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy, who founded a spiritual church by the gentle force of understanding eternal Love. By prayer and practice I hope to establish the kingdom of that Love in me and to live so that my gratitude will be apparent without words. My healing has been complete beyond question of a doubt. All the members of this household are earnest students of the Christian Science literature, and it is the desire of each of us to aid our brother man to a higher understanding of God and of His perfect creation as taught by our dear Leader. My husband is a new, but creditable student, and has just applied for membership in Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist, where I teach in the Sunday school and our two children are in regular attendance.—