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When four years ago Christian Science...

From the April 1918 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When four years ago Christian Science was for the first time intelligently explained to me, I was in a western state many miles from home. Almost from childhood I had been considered delicate, and at this period of my life I had so many physical ailments that it was well-nigh impossible to get in all the prescribed doses without having them conflict.

The Christian Science concept of God seemed to me wonderful, and it stirred me with a great hope. I had always lived in a Christian home, had joined a church at an early age, and had tried to love and serve God; but as I grew to womanhood and began to think, my concept of God did not satisfy me, neither did my religion seem to be at all practical or comforting. Therefore when the thought of God as Love was presented to me, I felt much as St. John must have felt when he tried to put into words his vision of the new Jerusalem—the revelation was so wonderful.

This better understanding of God and of the Bible has changed my life from a state of discord to harmony. Many beautiful healings have been experienced, one of the most remarkable being that of a badly injured knee, and I have been greatly relieved from various types of nerve diseases and stomach disorders. Although sincerely grateful for the splendid physical healings, I appreciate more than all else the peace of mind which I have gained.—