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During the twenty-three years in...

From the May 1937 issue of The Christian Science Journal

During the twenty-three years in which I have been acquainted with Christian Science I have had much reason for gratitude. I was entered in the Sunday school when I was about three and consequently grew up unhampered by many of the false laws and theories regarding man's well-being, and was given a firm foundation in the truth—a foundation on which I have been able to build upward, and for which I am daily grateful.

When I was about fourteen a very annoying condition manifested itself in the form of a carbuncle on the abdomen. I paid no attention to the condition until it grew too painful to ignore. Then I called my Sunday school teacher for help, which she very lovingly gave, but still the condition seemed to grow worse. She then invited me to visit her, which I did, and while there she inquired if I had been reflecting Love to everyone. I thought a while and then admitted that I had not, remembering that I had been very irritable and cross for some time past. She told me to go home and try to manifest more love to everyone with whom I came in contact. This I did, and when morning came the carbuncle opened and drained completely, without the slightest sense of pain. This healing is one which stands out as a beacon light to me in my progress in Christian Science, as it was the first in which I took such an active part. Heretofore I had depended largely upon my mother's understanding for the solution of my problems.

Since then I have had many wonderful proofs of God's protecting care at all times, and have learned more and more to utilize Christian Science as a practical religion and to apply its truths in all my ways. I have found that, as Mrs. Eddy says on page 66 of Science and Health, "Trials are proofs of God's care;" and as I earnestly use what I have learned, I rise higher in the scale of spiritual understanding.