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From the May 1937 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Christian Science teaches that there is one Mind, infinite good, and that there is no power apart from this Mind. It also teaches that man, whether spoken of individually or collectively, is the reflection of this Mind. It declares that this Mind alone made the universe and controls it. Christian Science also uncovers the false beliefs of human thought as errors which are exposed and ended by Truth. It tells the truth about error, and demonstrates its nothingness as a suppositional power opposed to God. In doing this Christian Science follows the teaching of Jesus, enabling his followers to understand his saying, repeat his mighty work, and attain to his resurrection.

Mrs. Eddy has written that if we would scientifically prove evil's unreality we must first see sin's claim and then annihilate it. In pondering this important matter let us turn to the words of Jesus, who was never the victim of evil, but who overcame error in all its forms. In the eighth and tenth chapters of John, Jesus refers to evil as a liar, a thief, and a murderer. These terms brand it as criminal. In Science and Health, on page 105, our Leader states that mortal mind "is the criminal in every case."

Phases of belief which seem to be included in the term "criminality" are plotting, unfolding the evil plan, and escape from justice while pinning the crime upon the innocent. Error from the beginning has asserted its innocence and has tried to fasten upon God the aspect of the liar and the murderer. But there is no escape for error from divine justice, because the mark of the beast is upon its forehead. This mark cannot be erased or transferred to divinity. The sinner is mortal mind, and we cannot remove God's waymarks.