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I am glad to bear witness to the...

From the May 1937 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I am glad to bear witness to the truth of the Psalmist's statement, "Bless the Lord, O my soul:... who healeth all thy diseases." I did not come into Christian Science for healing, but after I left home, where I had been raised in a religious atmosphere and as a member of an orthodox church, I soon learned that all my previous opinions about Christian Science were wrong. Although I had in the past ridiculed Christian Science and Scientists, I soon learned that it was I who was wrong, and not they. I began a casual study of the subject; later I married a student of Christian Science and made a deeper study. Many healings, including those of electric shock, effects of accidents, and so-called children's diseases, took place in our home during the years, and I am very grateful for the help and patience of the practitioners.

Over three years ago I began to suffer much pain and discomfort after eating. The condition continued to grow worse until I lost all appetite and for a time ate no food whatever. With that situation came a great loss of weight and physical weakness, which kept me from all activity for many months, and which became so noticeable that many friends and acquaintances considered my case quite hopeless and never expected me to return to normal activity. Expressions of doubt and fear were heard on all sides, including members of my family, who were not interested in Christian Science and thought that I was making a serious mistake in not resorting to medical aid. During this period my business partner considered my case so hopeless that he dissolved our partnership and continued the business by himself.

Help was had in Christian Science from a practitioner, but I did not show much improvement. Later the way opened for me to spend a month at the Benevolent Association Sanatorium at Chestnut Hill, where further help was received and improvement resulted. Although the healing seemed very slow, I cannot speak too highly of the love and care expressed there by associates and guests.