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Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health...

From the May 1937 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health (p. 372),"A just acknowledgment of Truth and of what it has done for us is an effectual help." For a long time I have had in mind writing this testimony, not that I can come anywhere near telling what is in my heart, but in order to express my gratitude for the Christian Science literature. Many demonstrations have been made through subscribing to and reading it. I felt very deeply that if I gave my support to the literature, it would help support me. I wanted to be obedient, although there were times when mortal mind said I could scarcely afford to take it.

I recall so well the first demonstration made through reading the periodicals. My daughter had a very disfiguring birthmark on her forehead. My parents had urged me to have it removed by a doctor, but the remembrance of my own marvelous healing, which came through reading Science and Health, convinced me that Christian Science could heal it. I did not voice this to them, for I had been a student of Christian Science but a few months. This was in March, 1909. The following June an article entitled "Effacing Memories" appeared in the Christian Science Sentinel. My realization of the truth in that article, especially the statement, "In order to put on the whole armor of God we must hold firmly to the Science of Being for what is called the past as well as the present and future," healed her. There could be no scar in the form of a memory of an unhappy prenatal experience. I began to see man's relationship to God in a more and more definite way, and to see the child as God saw her— perfect and free. In July I visited my parents, and they noticed immediately that the birthmark had disappeared and said, "You have had Christian Science help." I looked at the child and said, "Yes, I have had Christian Science help." I had not noticed until then that the birthmark was gone. I never knew when it disappeared, but of course it must have been when I was "absent from the body" and "present with the Lord."

Help and another healing came through an article in The Christian Science Monitor in "I Record Only the Sunny Hours," entitled, "Pray without ceasing." Many times I had wondered how I could pray without ceasing when I was doing three different lines of work and some days working sixteen or eighteen hours a day. The thought in the article that "everything I did could furnish a thought of prayer, and that the more I had to do the more I should pray," did the work. It was an effectual help, and in a short time my hours were shortened and I was very grateful.

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