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From the June 1948 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The Psalmist tells us (Ps. 40:3) that "the Lord ... hath put a new song in [his] mouth, even praise unto our God." Who will not agree that a new song, a new outlook, a new hope, is mankind's greatest need in these topsy-turvy times? With what joy, then, may we hail such a message as this in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy (p. 201): "Truth makes a new creature, in whom old things pass away and 'all things are become new.'" Then she adds pertinently, "Passions, selfishness, false appetites, hatred, fear, all sensuality, yield to spirituality, and the superabundance of being is on the side of God, good."

Christian Science thus puts a new song on the lips and a fresh expectation in the heart of the ultimate, certain triumph of good. And should not the song of every student of this Science be a continuous paean of thanksgiving in discovering, at long last, that an understanding of divine Truth holds the remedy for all the woes of humanity? Picture a world wherein "passions, selfishness, false appetites, hatred, fear, all sensuality" had been banished by spiritual sense. Would not the kingdom of heaven, universal harmony, indeed be at hand? In this picture of millennial felicity would be found no place for war or the causes of war; and sickness, sin, and all discord would be forever outlawed.

But when, oh when, may echo some despairing voice, can we hope to see this heavenly vision made practical? Both the Scriptures and Christian Science make answer that "now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation" (II Cor. 6:2). At this very hour, in the twinkling of an eye, may you and I begin to witness the lifting of the mist of ignorance about God and His harmonious creation and glimpse the new heaven and earth of Biblical promise. Does someone answer: Yes, an individual here and there may gain this happy view, but what about the millions of mortals still in darkness, still believing in selfishness, hate, and war? How can I be in heaven when they are not?

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