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From the September 1948 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Mary Baker Eddy perceived the allness of God, divine Mind, and the inevitable corollary that there is no matter. Before she gave her revelation of the Science of Jesus' theology to the world in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," she proved the correctness of this theology by healing disease and sin. Her discovery that all is Mind and its perfect ideas is logical and can be substantiated.

Let us start with the self-evident truth that five and five are ten. You cannot send it anywhere; it is already there. One cannot conceive of a time when five and five have not been or will not be ten. Therefore, the thought that five and five are ten is ever present, eternal, and indestructible. Because spiritual qualities, such as justice and goodness, exist and are ever present and eternal, the Mind which created and includes these qualities must likewise be so. These self-evident truths confirm the ever-presence and eternality of Mind, God.

Mind is also good, One, and infinite. Intelligent Mind could not eternally consist of such opposites as good and evil. It would have to be one or the other. In algebra one cannot conceive of a minus twelve unless he knows what twelve is. Similarly, there would in belief be no evil or lie without something true about which to lie. Evil in every instance is only a negation or lie about some positive good which precedes it. Hence evil, the negative, is too late to be first or true. Consequently, good is primal, evil suppositional. Thus we see that Mind, or God, already proved to be ever present and eternal, must also be wholly good.

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