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Words fail to express my gratitude for...

From the January 1950 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Words fail to express my gratitude for Christian Science. Through its study and application I have had innumerable healings. It has healed me of lumbago, neuritis, sprained ankle, influenza, hemorrhoids, and two cysts, one on my leg and the other on my shoulder. These growths dropped off shortly after I had class instruction. The one on my leg had been there for many years, long before I became a student of Christian Science. It had never occurred to me to have treatment or to do any specific work for this, since it was not visible to anyone but myself, until one day, as I was looking in a mirror, I saw another similar growth on my shoulder. I thought, Why should this come upon me? Then I was awakened to what Mrs. Eddy tells us in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 284), "Evil let alone grows more real, aggressive, and enlarges its claims; but, met with Science, it can and will be mastered by Science."

In working for myself, I clung to this statement in Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy (p. 463): "A spiritual idea has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive." One evening the growth dropped off my shoulder. Then the thought came to me that the one on my leg was being removed also, and when I looked, it had got so small it was hardly visible, and within a week's time it had completely disappeared.

The healing of the hemorrhoids took place after a talk on the telephone with a practitioner who had helped me many times. She had occasion to call me one day when I was having one of the severest attacks and was hardly able to get to the telephone. I told her of my condition, and she asked me if I had been depressed. I told her I had, and she asked me to try to lift my thought to rejoice. It seemed difficult for me to do so; nevertheless I was obedient, and that same evening the mental pressure lifted and I was completely free. The healing has been permanent, as are also the others that I have mentioned.