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Scientific practice

From the January 1992 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Christianity was not known as Science until it was so revealed by Mary Baker Eddy. It was a system of religious beliefs, of widely varying doctrines, until her discovery that Christianity is founded upon divine Principle, which constitutes all reality, governs all real activity, and underlies all true existence; that, being exact Science, it has rules which may be learned and practiced by those who study carefully its letter and imbibe its Spirit. In fact, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science has claimed and demonstrated that it is the only real or pure Science, since it alone deals with fundamental Principle, God, the source of all being.

Furthermore, in pursuance of her discovery, Mrs. Eddy formulated the rules divinely revealed to her, by the application of which she was able to demonstrate the truth of her thesis, to prove its practicability in destroying the manifold evils which humanity seems so generally to have inherited. These rules are in no sense formulas, but rather orderly methods of procedure by which she was enabled to reproduce, in goodly measure, the works of Christ Jesus. Her discovery had been made through divine revelation and authenticated through demonstration, and she proceeded to give her findings to the world in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and her other writings. In consequence, for more than half a century, Christian Scientists have been able for themselves and others to heal disease, to overcome the sense of sin, to destroy the belief of lack and of inharmony, through pursuit of the study of Christian Science and the scientific application of its Principle and rules.

The fact of these accomplishments established, we may inquire as to the modus whereby they are wrought. Christian Science practice is primarily founded upon the statement that God is All-in-all, that God and His universe of spiritual ideas constitutes all reality. Whatever conforms to the test, Is it spiritual, perfect, and good? belongs in God's kingdom. All else is spurious, unreal, illusory. In the former category is found all reality, all that really exists. In the latter, belong all discord, sin, disease, death, lack—inharmony of every type and order.

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