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To our readers...

From the Publishing Director

From the September 1993 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Our periodicals—The Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, The Herald of Christian Science, Christian Science Quarterly, and The Christian Science Monitor—are published by The Christian Science Publishing Society in Boston, Massachusetts. But when you subscribe or have a subscription question, you call Des Moines, Iowa. This may lead some to ask "Why Des Moines?"

Visitors to the Publishing House Lobby during this year's Annual Meeting saw a nine-minute video produced by the Publishing Society entitled "Why Des Moines?" which answers just that question. Viewers had the opportunity to meet some managers from Publishing Society departments as well as have a look inside Communications Data Services (CDS) and meet some of the dedicated employees who work there. For those not able to see the video, we wanted to share a few very brief excerpts here in the Journal.

Miles Harbur, Chief Operating Officer of Print Publishing: "[Almost all of] the periodicals are printed right here on our own presses because that's what makes sense from an economic, quality, and technological standpoint. In the case of subscription service ...major computer technology has been developed that handles that very efficiently. For us to do it ourselves would've required reinvention of what already exists in abundance elsewhere. So, like almost every other publisher...we decided that to use a specialist was the most sensible...