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From the March 2006 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Commitment isn't about attendance. I don't even think it's about a person or a human institution or even a set of ideals. It could relate to those things on some level. But commitment, bottom line? I think it means turning your thought toward God —and not just in bad situations, or when you need something, but always. Cultivating a constant willingness to listen to the Divine.

The human mind wants to put things into categories of good and bad, and right and wrong. It wants hard and fast rules. And that's why commitment can't be about a person or an organization or a human anything—why it can't start there. Because then it's all too easy to commit to the wrong things because we're relying on our own perception instead of God's.

Last summer I was on the hunt for the perfect internship —especially because the summer before I'd had a disappointing and less-than-enjoyable internship experience. I didn't want that to happen again. So I applied to multiple places . . . and waited. One of those places happened to be the organization from the summer before—though I didn't really plan on going back.