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Annual Meeting 2020

From the May 2020 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Dear Fellow Mother Church Members,

As Clerk of The Mother Church, it is with special anticipation that I look forward to our coming together online for the Annual Meeting this year on June 8. And it is certainly what we each bring to the meeting that will impact what we receive from it! Thank you for the many member responses to the theme “Our duty to God, to our Leader, and to mankind.” This speaks to your earnest devotion and commitment as members and leads to practical healing progress for our movement and humanity.  

Mary Baker Eddy offered us such love and wisdom by urging church members to remain mentally alert and defend themselves every day from the mortal tendency to “forget” or “neglect” the cultivation and exercise of their spiritual sense (see Church Manual, p. 42). Daily study of the Bible coupled with deep, quiet, prayerful meditation is powerful. Certainly we know that individual spiritual illumination is a brightening for all amidst the seeming obstruction of today’s materialism.