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Record of Truth

Listen to conversations with one or more guests as they discuss an important global topic from a spiritual perspective.

Audio Programs

Bringing spiritual balance to the work/life quandary

Listen in as our guests discuss how each one of us, as God's beloved child, can turn to and trust God and see how that brings guidance and equipoise into our daily lives.

A deeper look at “the scientific statement of being”

Our guests discuss how gaining a better understanding of “the scientific statement of being” can help us overcome human limitations and challenges.

God-inspired decision-making

Our guests discuss how we can find the answers to all of life’s questions by understanding that Mind is God, we are the image and likeness of this Mind, and this Mind lovingly directs us and gives us what we need.

Truth's all-embracing victory

Listen in as our guests discuss how understanding that God is Truth and that we reflect Truth will bring resolutions to both our individual problems and those of all mankind.

Listen in as the Christian Science Board of Directors answers your questions and discusses how understanding and yielding to Spirit brings a new, divine energy to your healing practice.